Grandma, I love you

“Di bell – – – – – -” the phone rang, I picked up Jane and telephone suddenly spread a burst of warm voice: “Hello, red?” Ah, site grandmother, living in the United States grandma! Grandma that kind of face immediately in front of my eyes: bright god fine, tall and straight nose, the mouth of angular, with thick black hair mixed zhaoer gray hairs, the kind of face with sort of fortitude.
Grandma is a very ordinary person, but also a very unusual person. Glance since she was young, is a textile worker, work every day to go a long way, bus also want to switch a few road car. My grandmother every day five multi up, from home to work to spend more than two hours, but also to take care of her three sons, also is my father, my uncle and three uncles. Due to long asked super load of manual labor, grandma’s legs long a malignant tumor, the doctor said to the tumor length of the leg amputated, so, Grandma lost a leg.
Lost a leg to grandma, how to take good care of three young sons, of which my uncle was only three years old. Tenacious grandma with crutches to support the family, washing clothes, dinner, cleaning health – – – – – – how many times, she falls down. The most serious, wrist fracture dislocation, when grandma, are strong enough to survive. Is the time to catch up with the “Cultural Revolution”, elementary school’s father and uncle they are closed factory, grandma did not let father them to wanton play outside, but let them self-study at home, no textbooks, to a neighbour’s house to borrow. Grandma let dad read to her, and read it smooth, there is also enough to write down words, dictionary. Grandma their cultural level is not high, but Dad they learn, she often says: “do not learn the cultural knowledge, grow up is useless.” Father, they have no expectations of negative thing grandma, uncle in the first year after the resumption of college entrance examination test stung treng, Nankai University, after graduation and went to the United States read the doctor, now in the United States to live. After graduating from the Tianjin Normal University, my father was a reporter. Three uncles enrolled in Hebei Institute of technology, after graduation when the textile industry technical cadres, these are Grandma hard to cultivate the results!
I was born in 1990. Grandma likes me very much, she said I was strong, to be a man. Slowly I have grown up, into the nursery, and later into the nursery, every weekend or holidays, mom and Dad take me to see grandma. Mother once told me that grandma in this life is not easy, she had three sons and became a college student, with their disabled body to support the family. Although I was very young, but my grandmother in my heart has a very deep impression. Soon, grandma was received to uncle USA. I used to ask Uncle E-mail, grandma, grandma often called my house, I encourage Study hard. I told my grandma that I must study hard, grow up to go to the United States to study abroad, to take care of grandma grandmother home. Today, I was on the phone with my grandma.

I love my mother

Mother is a very ordinary rural women, although less than 40 years old, but the head has long been a trace of white hair. Because my father works in the town, home to ten acres of farmland will be the mother of the contract. Spring to autumn, all kinds of income, mother good hard! At home, mother to do the housework, wait a moment paralyzed Grandpa, restless. Sometimes I want to help my mother, but she always said: “to write homework, read a book to go!” life in the mother’s side, I feel the mother’s warmth and love all the time. In my heart, she is the most amiable and respectable person in the world.
One morning last summer, we have an exam on the playground. That day there is no trace of wind, fireball like sun baked people sweating and my forehead sun straight perm, the eye is sunlight thorn in the open, the body sweat bugs crawling. Do a few questions, really can not stand, I will take the paper as a fan to the wind. Well, it’s cool, comfortable.
“Li Lu!” the teacher cried, scared me out and make up the papers. “Li Lu, your mother gave you a hat. Your mom really cares about you, refuels! “Said the teacher put the straw hat in my hot fameng head.
My mum’s hat? I am busy looking toward the west side of the field (my field there) not far away, my mother was carrying a hoe walked toward the ground. Oh, mom must just pass by here, his wearing straw hat to me. My heart suddenly was tugging, feel ashamed and grateful. I saw my mother a bow to pull the hoe, saw a mother to a sweat, my throat like a stuffed a wad of cotton. Mom, for her daughter, you can work hard to work, you can rest assured that, mom, I will test a good score, you can repay your daughter’s love. Think of here, I also carefully start test.
“The world is only a good mother…” this is my favorite song, because a song, it will think of my mother’s care.
Last fall, the school organization to subscribe to the newspaper, I also told the teacher two copies of my favorite magazine: “golden boy” and “the students writing guide”, since the three grade, I have been in the order. But, this time I’m back home, I don’t dare to mention this thing. In fact, my mother is the most supportive of books to buy books, she often said: “when I was a child, the family is poor, can not afford to learn. It’s hard to know. Now the children go to school, I fully support, I just eat less and less wear a hard iron pot, also let them read.” However, this year, my home is too much debt? , my brother admitted to the normal, the cost of the fee paid on the yuan, the mother has stomach trouble, do not easily go to the hospital to see, I can give my mother again to increase the pressure, so I give up the idea of the magazine.
At the end of the day, life members sent a new magazine, I want to borrow a book at the same table will be, the teacher in charge of the teacher gave me two fine small magazine. My eyes a bright, ah, “red flower” and “the students writing guide”. I was wondering, the teacher said to me, “this is your mother, and she said that this is a new year’s gift to you.” “My mother? I was surprised and asked the teacher, “she said. Originally, the mother in the town hospital to see a doctor, meet the music teacher, music teacher mention I want to book magazine thing, mom, without any explanation, the doctor to use the money to the music teacher ten yuan, let he must give me order, also asked the first don’t tell me you give me a surprise.
I holding the full of motherly love magazine, think mother dragged emaciated Bingti day and night to toil, tears in my eyes straight Dazhuan son, I really think aloud to the students: “my mum is good! My mother the greatest!

My Daddy Cool

“Daddy Cool”
See this topic, you may wonder, how Dad and “cool” together? In fact, “cool” is my father. Really, my father is quite “vinegar”, every winter, he likes to wear a pair of black boots, a black coat, wearing a pair of sunglasses, a cigarette in his hand. Cool like Zhou Runfa in the Shanghai beach.
Dad’s face on the day of June, said change, good to me, “humble”, as if with the fear of the mouth, out in more afraid dirty the. However, this is mostly when I got 100 points in the exam. On my “bad” Daddy would Snort and stare, the table pat “bang bang” sound straight, scared I scared bile Britain. Once, I just finished my homework, you have a moment of TV, just by my father caught a positive. Father good to become a lion, a gust of wind. “Oh!” I hurried to run back, shut the door. My dad took two doors, voice boss shouted: “you dare to casually watching TV, see I do not hit your ass!” a little while, helpless footsteps just faded away.
The shape of the father is very cool, he is proud of, he is my city “top ten outstanding young teachers, often put the newspaper pictures of him with me: Hey, there are two pie small beard. Recently, there is a television named Shanghai tango, which has a protagonist called Ren Tianxiang, the actor is very much like my father. Whenever the TV play, father not only do not stop me wild, but also to I hold to lap and watch him work, any Tianxiang, he will say: “how, my father is very handsome?” I said: “handsome, but a little like…..” I know dad’s brand, I will not put the “bad boss” three words.
Daddy’s not only cool, but also very cool. My father is the school basketball coach. In the city’s basketball game, he trained the team beat many teams, also got the title of it, he is in the hearts of women’s basketball sister “Jack the lad”, those players, seems to be his own daughter, call me “jealous of furnace”,
Oh, my “cool” Dad, I love you.

A Old actor

“Old actor”
My name is Zhao Zihao, just 10 years old this year, on the four grade, but, the students are called me “old actor”, really let me feel embarrassed. But I explained that they did not listen, no way, but let them go.
I served as they yell, also have a little selfish, that is whenever I hear the call me old actor heart will produce a sweet feeling, starts to be suffused with a sense of pride. It urges me to make progress, to give me strength, also remind me many good memories.
I remember I was three years old will start to appear on stage, also received a special award, kindergarten, I attended the film, director Kua aunt I show very successful, Han at the age of six years I was invited to participate in the Shandong Television Art Spring Festival evening, show the double dance hey pick up conch force, at the same stage of uncle aunt said I “promising”. At that time, I also don’t know to what is called a “promising”, but from the amiable faces smiling can pin measure, they are encouraging me. Last year, a Japanese delegation to visit Qingdao, I as the youngest actor for the guests performed “lotus dance” and Japanese Dance “spring, cherry blossoms”, by the Japanese guests roar miles Gung! Praise, they also specially and the shadow it! Count, I have seven or eight years of his artistic career the, known as my old actor is not excessive, became them to call it, anyway, I was determined to be a future of in the old actor, for people worldwide, winning glory for the motherland.
Students always admire act to say I have artistic talent, in fact I toot is what “genius”, each show will be a success is because of the shore before I had only one idea that play it well, or is for the glory of our kindergarten, or is for school glory, let little friends happily. I do not know if you do not believe, as long as you think, Jin Ding, other things can be forgotten in the back of the brain. Remember last year in the province of television set to celebrate the “six – one program, I have a cold, fever, to 39 degrees, the body without a bit of strength. But in order to make a good program, so that the province’s children have a happy festival, I hit the needle, eat the medicine to play, after a series of three dance, jump I was sweaty, hey, did not expect. The program is finished, my disease is also good, you can not blame it, later, listening to the teacher said that this is the role of the will.
Will be the driving force of the people, I feel the same, because I will also play a role. Deng is the action before the Spring Festival in television shooting Wuyang “cat”, because the site is not familiar, I do a cat jumped, careful not to hurt my foot, whistle, the pain and the presence of uncle aunt is confused. Uncle panic is afraid of the impact the whole program of the shooting schedule, aunt panic is afraid of me crying. The teacher looked at my injured foot, pity me knead by hand, kindly asked: “Zi Hao, okay?” I have a bite said: “shoot it, nothing!” although per hop about the injured foot on the discrepancies in the actual pain, but when confronted with a camera, I simply out of a pair of smiling face. The end of the dance, the director’s uncle was so excited that I picked up, the hall rang out a round of applause. I couldn’t help Mi water rushing stream to the mouth, salty, like sweet.
Indeed, when the actor can not be more than watching the dance, and sometimes for a good practice, a limit of God, we must pay hard work. By dint of the ideas for the collective glory buckle determination, my performance won everyone’s favorite, I also honor was awarded Shandong Province teenagers.

I want to do the “autonomy” of the Emperor

I want to do the “autonomy” of the Emperor
Although I was the “emperor” of my family, I was afraid of everyone. Mother my help “minister”, “finance minister”, “ministry minister” father, “interior minister” grandma and grandpa labor minister and discipline to me severely, what I do are not a little autonomy ah! I of the four “Chancellor” no way, is often they release the suds. They are for my ideas, but anyone who is not satisfied, sometimes argue, so I not know what course to take.
On Friday, the school issued a notice: “spring outing tomorrow, with food, voluntary.” I go home followed by four “ministers” say, immediately caused a “sensation”, they also refused to give Each airs his own views., who.
“The chancellor of the exchequer” Mom in bed sitting, while knitting a sweater, while directed me to publish the command: “I think, spring can not, tomorrow to buy clothes work – – – – – -” the more I see my mother more like when the child even coax belt scared the Japanese devils.
“Your mother said was wrong,” father finally played a return to “positive figure”, joy straight want to hold my dad kiss a few bites, “should be and I went to the library to borrow books to.” Alas, my heart sank.
“We should let him go for a spring outing, the child should play noisy well!” grandma term value daughter, I really want to shouting “long live understanding”. “However, if the fall is in trouble. Or eat at home I do ‘spicy chicken soup’ safety.” Really fresh, if you drink chicken soup to choke me not also not safe.
I looked at the side of his grandfather, thought, Grandpa will agree with me to go outing. At home grandpa’s power is the biggest, as long as the grandfather said one, they certainly did not dare to say two. Think of here, I will go to my grandfather, gently push the grandfather, how did not move? I took a look at the newspaper, the original grandfather fell asleep! I’m in a hurry like ants on a hot pot.
“Boom, boom,” the clock struck 9, I return to the house to sleep. Cudgel thinking in bed, think, only to go for the thirty-sixth meter — slip.
The second day early in the morning, I finished appliances, with good food, ready to sneak out “”. When I opened my door, I heard the four “ministers” in the dining room “. A chance, sneak out! And it’s too late to do it. You slowly noisy, “small house” go! I like swiftly ran downstairs, decided to go to school..
I this several “minister” ah, where they know my little “emperor” need anything “.

I am a man

I am a man
Even though I am a boy, I am a little timid, and the family says I am not a man.
Remember the second grade, my parents took me to the amusement park to play, I saw hanging in the air speed is scared to death, and took to their heels, a Jin said: “I don’t want to play, I don’t want to play!”
No way, dad and put me to another place, there is a long waterway, waterway has a small wooden boats, each boat can accommodate two people. Look at the sign, just know this is called “the torrent”. I have seen on TV, my heart is very afraid, but Dad dragged me sitting on a small wooden boat. He comforted me and said: “do not be afraid of my father!” I gritted his teeth, trying to make my heart at ease. Just listen to “beep” sound, I just feel the body is one earthquake, do a few deep breaths, boat slowly starts forward, then gradually speed up, my ears the wind whistled, I tightly cling to the handrail, bipod is hard to resist the hull, mouth closed, whirr of the wind and a rushing sound of water in my ring side whistling, my heart as if they were going to pop out of the; I yelled, “ah”.
And listen to “bang”, my hair was spray wet, the ship stopped, finally reached the end. I finally broke through. I long sigh a sigh of relief, it was on the face warm, forehead exudative son drops of sweat it! Just think about, really scared ah! And then my father took me to the car, the fighter, the fighter, and slowly, I got the nerve to get up. After a time of exercise, my parents say I am more and more like a man.

Step on it,Thank my teacher

Step on it
I am most grateful to my teacher in charge of my class teacher Li Sanqiang. He gave me the address, being dislike the “ugly duckling” became a cute little swan 。
Since I entered the school gate, three years, the results are not always good, the teacher and the school are not look down on me, I also increasingly feel that learning is not strong. Just because my parents a painstaking, I was hard to read on the scalp.
Blink of an eye to ascend to the fourth grade, as our teacher is new teacher Li, the first day of class, he is looking for a conversation: “Lu Guangliang, you name it, ‘bright’, the future is a piece of light. Don’t because of your bad grades, gas dishes, I think, work harder and try harder, will go up, we hand over a friend. ” I nodded silently. Since then, the teacher often helps me with my study, no matter what difficulties, he asked for my spare spare time to troubleshoot. Classroom, encouraged me to speak, homework to me face to face change, so I class attentively listen, find and solve the problems in time. I think Miss Li’s class is very lively and interesting, so, I gradually improve the results, the final exam, language from the 42 points of grade three to rise to? 8, the third grade 51 math mountain points to 80 points. Announced grade, Miss Li like than my own are also pleased that specially when the students took patted me on the shoulder and said: “bright future is bright, work harder, for when the” Miyoshi students’! “From then on, the students also to me sit up and take notice, myself but also to the future full of confidence. I’m determined not to let him down. Read the fifth grade, I work hard, Li are more concerned about me, finally, in the UOL exam of this term, my overall results listed in third place of the town, school has been designated as an “outstanding graduate”.
Dear students, I can get such a good performance, not his – Li teacher’s credit it? I thank my teacher from the heart.