Do not underestimate me

“Hey! Come ah! That person’s mouth really nice!” It’s late, then I do not know how many times heard. Whenever encountered someone behind gesticulating, my heart like a knife acupuncture equally sad, I found myself shouting: “?? Physically handicapped is my fault Why do you treat me too.” Why would they hurt me again and again Fengyun incomplete heart? Why? Why? ! ”
“Free Lip” is my birth defects, my mother said it was because I was pregnant when the illness caused by eating the wrong medicine. To me this deformity face with mother often moan and groan, do not know how many tears to flow, visited numerous doctors. Since my lip gap is too big, so although moving through plastic surgery, but still can not as ordinary people.
This “free lip” defects often cause a “bystander” who curious gaze, my mind inevitably cast a gloomy shadow. Thus, in the past those days, so I am very disgusted mirror, but do not like to show his face in public places.
Fortunately, I had the world’s best, most loving father and mother. Most of them understand my suffering heart, so give me the meticulous care and love. I entered from the school, they encouraged me to read, I hope I could find in the book value of happiness and of his life. In particular look at Edison and Helen Keller this category of books that can encourage physical defects are more optimistic, more stronger, more motivated. Yes, to get such good books of edification and encouragement, I found the world more miserable than me still living! But they can be proactive and ordinary people, and even to create a superhuman accomplishment, and my little flaw then what does? There are people with disabilities who are not selected for the Ten Outstanding Young it? Today I have received a lot of inspiration from.
In order to prove my Mom and Dad do not pessimistic, not depressed, I often say to them: I can not go to that day in addition to the immortal beauty, the other people will not lose anything. I’m trying to learn, always among the best results in five years. I like to read, like to see literary works, and the resulting interest in writing, in recent years, each time to participate in an essay contest, I’m not all the class leader it? I ask you: Where is my flaw? Moreover, the parents care and earnest instructions, I know to treat people with love, but also knows how to get a sincere friendship, and now his classmates are very nice to me yet. We often come together to exchange mutual learning experience and happily and students with the game, which makes me feel like I was a normal person.
I would think that there is a sound body, and on their own laissez-faire people really flawed it! It should be subject to contempt that this talent right. Then why some people want to belittle the point of view I do? This is not fair.
Here, I want to wake up “basically good” people: “to help people who need care,” and “take care of people who need care in the” it! It can show the glory of human nature, in order to reflect the warmth of the community of nations. Finally, I want the whole world, like me, physically handicapped people together and encouraged, not all day for that irreparable defect, but worry about people blaming Heaven, give up. Really do establish normal confidence, cherish time, love life, proactive creation of a bright future for themselves.

my dad

My father, medium height, a pair of small eyes screwed up, coupled with the depth of myopia glasses askew, laughing, his eyes only the next seam.
Sunday morning, Dad blowing his beard in the mirror. I saw his face, clutching his towel, rushed out from the bathroom. Originally he accidentally blew a hole in his face. Dad high myopia, scratch face is common. After my mother looked distressed and said: “You, electric razor into the long overdue elimination.
Taking advantage of the morning free, Dad happily buy electric razors.
To lunch time, I exclaimed: “My belly growling, eat it fast!” Mom and Dad to go home to eat and so insist. After a child, my father, his voice came back from outside. I am curious to ask: “Daddy how do you come back?” “Hee hee ……” He smiled mysteriously:. “Jackpot friends ……” Then, out of two hardcover from the bag, “one hundred thousand Why. ” I was overjoyed, because they are my long-awaited. Mom some unhappy, mouth nagging: “! To more than one hundred dollars it” Dad said:. “You can let the children grow knowledge, this book is worth buying so many people who can, and then later step, the money also buy this book because now the parents are willing to ‘intellectual investment’ ‘by the mother’s face Warrington:. “You ah, my heart really only son, but I could not have your own” Then, my goo! goo called stomach quiet, sitting on the sofa won the book of God through the pages will accumulate.
Mom and Dad have to end the meal in the kitchen, and came to their conversation from the kitchen, my mother said: “Let you buy razors, but you books.” Dad said excitedly: “As long as children grow knowledge, I does not matter, Old razors can deal with it for a while, “my parents listened to conversations, difficult to calm my heart a long time, I thought:! only concerned about his son, while ignoring their own, this is my father.


I have a lofty ideal is when a distinguished painter. Because I grew up like painting. Whenever I have time, not on paper that is painted black board or on the ground to die painting. My favorite painting of the Monkey King, the beginning, I do not know how to draw, after the teacher’s instructions, I drew the Monkey King really will change seventy-two miles!
At first I did not have the patience to draw well, since I read “painted egg” this story, did not know of how we can become a famous painter. The first to do the teacher’s words can Xin. The second should be to do no matter what the painting in earnest. Leonardo da Vinci is because of this child became a famous painter.
One day, the teacher suddenly asked me to draw a landscape. After returning home I skip meals, she went outside to Hibiscus Hibiscus tree aunt portrait. In order to gain some time to play a while. The next day, I like the hibiscus tree aunt to the teacher, the teacher smiled and said: “Yeah sail, the head of hibiscus flowers gone?” I said: “Hey! I really confused,” noon, I was in earnest to draw a good aunt Fleur headdress. Hibiscus aunt looked at me and smiled, I look hibiscus aunt laughed.
I think, if I can hold Diligence more training, more thinking, you must also distinguished painter Leonardo da Vinci.