My hot teacher

My hot teacher
“Hawaii’s hot, hot, let a hot hot … …” sings this song, ones I can’t help but think of the hottest teacher in grade three—-Miss Chen.
She wore long hair, oval-shaped face framed with black grape-like eyes, covered with a tiny nose, a glib little cherry-shaped mouth, looks cute. Know at a glance is a gentle teacher. But you‘ll never guess which seems beautiful tender behind, hiding a hot blast of personality.
Read the questions the hot
How do you read? Do you read? Please don’t wait! Bad is dead. Unconsciously Chen has come to me, lion‘s roar . Oh my God, scary! Read a math problem, you need to be so strict? Oh——meet the teacher, count me down eight lifetimes of bad!
Stop!Can’t focus. Reread! Chen hang shouts of the class.
Suddenly, the silence in the classroom. The students looked at each other, confused.
“Xiao Ming 5 Yuan to … … Ready to start! Chen with a clear sweet voice for everyone a head.
You see, this is my hot teacher. In fact, she hoped that we read the questions carefully, carefully to examine the topic, don’t fall into the trap.
Class spicy hot
Bob classmates, please answer the question!
“With this, uh … … should be … …”
For more than 5 seconds to answer, even if you didn’t listen, fined 10 maths! Fang Fang classmates, you answer it.
Students suddenly are sitting like a Bell, wandering, glued to the Board andteachers, for fear of accidentally missing a sentence penalty couldn’t answer questions. Teacher‘s mouth slightly higher, into a slight smile with satisfaction.  Replica cartier love bracelet gold
See, spicy teacher is spicy hot. Naturally, she means every minute is all class, listencarefully.
Look, this is my hot teacher is MISS Chen. “Hawaii’s hot, hot, let a hot hot … …”