A happy day

As long as I heard that the coastal park is the most beautiful environment, the most complete facilities in the park, and
And there is also the attractive “McDonald’s” western fast food shop, so, I have cried for
Mother took me to the Development Zone Binhai park to play.
Today, the wish came true. Mom took me and a small partner to take a piece of
Car to the seaside park to play. A car came out, we are like birds twitter, in the car
Talking and laughing, attracted other passengers watched us, nor envy us
Happy, we still make too much noise, the scenery is really feel fresh. Morning
The wind pulled from the hand of the cloud, we follow a trot, chasing, playing, while change
A galloping horse, while a lovely child free……. Green land on both sides of the road
A piece of green thick carpet, people really want to lie down to sleep a sleep. On both sides of the road
The trees like the two rows of soldiers are dedicated to fortitude, watching the beautiful scenery!
In a moment, the car was in the station. We jumped out of the car. Abandoned
To the park. Wow! Park green shade trees, such as canopy, red flowers. Jiao Ruoxin
Niang, the river is so clear, so that people really want to drink a mouthful, even the bridge on the river is also built
To have a style of one’s own. It seems that our new district is really “new”. On this happy day
In the US, while skating, while guessing, while playing on the slide, a small
I think the most difficult to play is to draw a boat. Mother and aunt of the boat in the water
OK, but we don’t have to go. After a while, we
The boat finally caught up with them. My companions and I smiled: “hey! The world
Nothing is difficult, if you put your heart into it.”
Unconsciously hand at noon, we have not played enough, can be heard to bring us
To eat “McDonald’s”, we ran away. Came to the store, and eat a hamburger, and eat ice cream
With time, the mother to eat, we eat with appetite in Western-style food said: “when we were young, from
You don’t have to play like this, you know?” We are just not fully understand
Bear hardships.
Today, we are full, playing with the feet, relaxed and happy.