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My hot teacher

My hot teacher
“Hawaii’s hot, hot, let a hot hot … …” sings this song, ones I can’t help but think of the hottest teacher in grade three—-Miss Chen.
She wore long hair, oval-shaped face framed with black grape-like eyes, covered with a tiny nose, a glib little cherry-shaped mouth, looks cute. Know at a glance is a gentle teacher. But you‘ll never guess which seems beautiful tender behind, hiding a hot blast of personality.
Read the questions the hot
How do you read? Do you read? Please don’t wait! Bad is dead. Unconsciously Chen has come to me, lion‘s roar . Oh my God, scary! Read a math problem, you need to be so strict? Oh——meet the teacher, count me down eight lifetimes of bad!
Stop!Can’t focus. Reread! Chen hang shouts of the class.
Suddenly, the silence in the classroom. The students looked at each other, confused.
“Xiao Ming 5 Yuan to … … Ready to start! Chen with a clear sweet voice for everyone a head.
You see, this is my hot teacher. In fact, she hoped that we read the questions carefully, carefully to examine the topic, don’t fall into the trap.
Class spicy hot
Bob classmates, please answer the question!
“With this, uh … … should be … …”
For more than 5 seconds to answer, even if you didn’t listen, fined 10 maths! Fang Fang classmates, you answer it.
Students suddenly are sitting like a Bell, wandering, glued to the Board andteachers, for fear of accidentally missing a sentence penalty couldn’t answer questions. Teacher‘s mouth slightly higher, into a slight smile with satisfaction.  Replica cartier love bracelet gold
See, spicy teacher is spicy hot. Naturally, she means every minute is all class, listencarefully.
Look, this is my hot teacher is MISS Chen. “Hawaii’s hot, hot, let a hot hot … …”

Pupils writing Quiet “naughty”

Tree birds twitter barking, as if calling me to join their ranks, June 20, 1998 in the morning, I came naked glory to become global citizens of the world. Mom, Dad named Zheng Rongrong for me, probably hoping that I do not proud of an arrogant man it.
My child is not short, coupled with a thin build, no wonder people are so praise: “You can really skinny ah!” A long face, trimmed with a pair of piercing eyes, a pair of thick, curved curved eyebrows like the fifth day of the moon. Articulate a small mouth, and bit on a high nose uninvited guest “glasses.” These “parts” created a naturally happy for me.Click here to buy your favorite products.Cartier Replica Jewelry
Although I look Wenwen quietly, I can be naughty again! I once did a snakeskin top Tubby “parachute”, looking for someone to tease about. I came upstairs and saw my grandmother just came back from the market to buy Levin, I put snakeskin toward grandma throwing in the past, just throw in my grandmother’s head, depriving her grandmother fell a colonel, legs fell off, and also just bought a basket full of eggs fell to pieces. Mom picked angry guy would hit me, scared I desperately fled wildly.
Singing is my specialty. Each weekend, most of the time I enjoy the music, what pop music, old revolutionary tune Yeah, I mouth to come. Once early in the morning, I am a man holding a microphone to sing at home, that hoarse howling, fights neighbors came to my house, “complain,” her mother angrily to cut the line of home theater, but I was still will sing, The neighbors told me no alternative but sadly away. You said I was not a “music mad” Ah! Do not look at me at home being “hate” in the school, I’m the class, “singing star”
Everyone saw me all shook their heads, saying that I and quiet appearance, lovely name that is not commensurate with what a “withered skin ghost.” Who cares, I am me, no matter how others judge me, I have only one belief: that is happy every day.

Do not underestimate me

“Hey! Come ah! That person’s mouth really nice!” It’s late, then I do not know how many times heard. Whenever encountered someone behind gesticulating, my heart like a knife acupuncture equally sad, I found myself shouting: “?? Physically handicapped is my fault Why do you treat me too.” Why would they hurt me again and again Fengyun incomplete heart? Why? Why? ! ”
“Free Lip” is my birth defects, my mother said it was because I was pregnant when the illness caused by eating the wrong medicine. To me this deformity face with mother often moan and groan, do not know how many tears to flow, visited numerous doctors. Since my lip gap is too big, so although moving through plastic surgery, but still can not as ordinary people.
This “free lip” defects often cause a “bystander” who curious gaze, my mind inevitably cast a gloomy shadow. Thus, in the past those days, so I am very disgusted mirror, but do not like to show his face in public places.
Fortunately, I had the world’s best, most loving father and mother. Most of them understand my suffering heart, so give me the meticulous care and love. I entered from the school, they encouraged me to read, I hope I could find in the book value of happiness and of his life. In particular look at Edison and Helen Keller this category of books that can encourage physical defects are more optimistic, more stronger, more motivated. Yes, to get such good books of edification and encouragement, I found the world more miserable than me still living! But they can be proactive and ordinary people, and even to create a superhuman accomplishment, and my little flaw then what does? There are people with disabilities who are not selected for the Ten Outstanding Young it? Today I have received a lot of inspiration from.
In order to prove my Mom and Dad do not pessimistic, not depressed, I often say to them: I can not go to that day in addition to the immortal beauty, the other people will not lose anything. I’m trying to learn, always among the best results in five years. I like to read, like to see literary works, and the resulting interest in writing, in recent years, each time to participate in an essay contest, I’m not all the class leader it? I ask you: Where is my flaw? Moreover, the parents care and earnest instructions, I know to treat people with love, but also knows how to get a sincere friendship, and now his classmates are very nice to me yet. We often come together to exchange mutual learning experience and happily and students with the game, which makes me feel like I was a normal person.
I would think that there is a sound body, and on their own laissez-faire people really flawed it! It should be subject to contempt that this talent right. Then why some people want to belittle the point of view I do? This is not fair.
Here, I want to wake up “basically good” people: “to help people who need care,” and “take care of people who need care in the” it! It can show the glory of human nature, in order to reflect the warmth of the community of nations. Finally, I want the whole world, like me, physically handicapped people together and encouraged, not all day for that irreparable defect, but worry about people blaming Heaven, give up. Really do establish normal confidence, cherish time, love life, proactive creation of a bright future for themselves.

Two little flower

A quiet night, Dad‘s a scolding Lu shocks in my ear, as the strike:what is the graduating class of people, jobs or to do so poorly,depending on how you test high school! Faster, put those books out andget. I reluctantly drawn from those mountains of books, a book madeup. In this way, I do do, until late at night … …
Second days morning, Zhang teacher put I called to Office, from drawer in took out a flower beautiful of small safflower, smiling to on I said: “fine Wen, today you progress has, job only do wrong two road problem, you to efforts learning Ah, and must to break careless of problem, look, this road problem is because careless……” teacher words like spring as moist with I of heart, makes I added has confidence, mood also suddenly good has many.
At night, I pulled out a teacher correcting homework for my father,Dad, teacher praised me today. I said smugly. Is it? Dad smiledand looked up my job. However, having read it, his face right awayfrom sunny to cloudy, frown and break you, I wobbled to: dad, why doyou scold me, am I not your own · · · · Thought I wanted to digthrough the hole, no longer hide yourself away.
Another day, sunny day, my heart like a sky so clear, because I waspraised by the teacher. Kindly said, well, qingwen, today, have made progress with your job, question is wrong, try again! “”Yes! I saidconfidently. With that, the teacher gave me a small red flower, I am pleased to take over small red flowers, think it prettier than anyreal flowers or incense, or. Before you know it, yakshas came, I’mperky and handed the book to the father. Dad looked, opened his mouth said happily: “good, really good, you to careless finally changed, lol……”
Daddy finally does not scold me, which is what makes me happy to lookat. But he did not know it was the teacher‘s credit.

A box of balsam

“Teacher, Wang Fulin didn’t finish the homework today.” Learning members holding one
This pile of homework to toot gas just walked into a classroom teacher reported. I was
Thought she would be a snitch. What great. Is not a criticism, I
Be ready to be prepared for a long. In this class, I am a “veteran”
Finish the homework, and incorrigible. At the moment, I took to the teacher one’s special skill,
A low head, eyes, lips, as your teacher how to criticize my silence.
But today, the teacher’s action let me very surprised, she did not use the harsh language
Criticize me, but gently pull me to her in front of me and take me to play with my classmates
Get on the dust when trouble, help me to tie off the coat, red scarf, dig the white hands
The handkerchief wiped out my black and black nose. See the clean handkerchief
Black and dirty, the first time I felt embarrassed, my red face says to the teacher: “teacher,
My mother has got a brain tumor, can’t take care of me, i……” At this time, the teacher kind
Said: “the teacher is just heard of this matter, please forgive the teacher for your concern.
But you have grown up, you should learn to take care of yourself, look at your face, are almost black.” Then, the teacher asked me to the teacher in front of wash with clean water in the basin face. I washed the teacher and from his pocket and pulled out a round, yellow green box, after opening, a fragrance from assail the nostrils, turned out to be a box of balsam. The teacher in the box and took some balsam cream, gently, softly, as I rub on the face.
Ah, well! Like mother! I have forgotten to do the homework Aipi
The matter, but the teacher did not forget. She turned the subject to her homework and was kind to her.
I said: “Wang Lin, your mother is sick, who cooked for you?” I said without thinking:
“Or mom.” Do you know why your mother is ill and you need to cook for you?”
The teacher is a little excited, the tone is high. “Don’t know.” I said, “I’m low.”. “You
Gao know what!” Listening to my answer, the teacher is obviously some angry. “Your mother
Mom is afraid you go to school hungry, affect your learning. But you have failed her hope,
Often do not complete the work, you, you have a conscience?” The teacher got angry, and she turned on.
Red. Eyes even some wet, I first saw the teacher made such a big fire, but also
Feel too outrageous, didn’t dare to look at her, his head buried deep in the chest. Back
In the past, I can’t remember how many times I have not finished my homework, and more than once
The teacher’s harsh criticism, but I have never been self blame, but this time I feel from the bottom of my heart
To guilt. “Teacher, I was wrong!” Tears imperceptibly along the cheek rushing stream
The teacher rub their hands to the tears on my face, did not say anything, just put the box of yellow green balsam plug into my hand and hold it, I felt heavy..

I want to do the “autonomy” of the Emperor

I want to do the “autonomy” of the Emperor
Although I was the “emperor” of my family, I was afraid of everyone. Mother my help “minister”, “finance minister”, “ministry minister” father, “interior minister” grandma and grandpa labor minister and discipline to me severely, what I do are not a little autonomy ah! I of the four “Chancellor” no way, is often they release the suds. They are for my ideas, but anyone who is not satisfied, sometimes argue, so I not know what course to take.
On Friday, the school issued a notice: “spring outing tomorrow, with food, voluntary.” I go home followed by four “ministers” say, immediately caused a “sensation”, they also refused to give Each airs his own views., who.
“The chancellor of the exchequer” Mom in bed sitting, while knitting a sweater, while directed me to publish the command: “I think, spring can not, tomorrow to buy clothes work – – – – – -” the more I see my mother more like when the child even coax belt scared the Japanese devils.
“Your mother said was wrong,” father finally played a return to “positive figure”, joy straight want to hold my dad kiss a few bites, “should be and I went to the library to borrow books to.” Alas, my heart sank.
“We should let him go for a spring outing, the child should play noisy well!” grandma term value daughter, I really want to shouting “long live understanding”. “However, if the fall is in trouble. Or eat at home I do ‘spicy chicken soup’ safety.” Really fresh, if you drink chicken soup to choke me not also not safe.
I looked at the side of his grandfather, thought, Grandpa will agree with me to go outing. At home grandpa’s power is the biggest, as long as the grandfather said one, they certainly did not dare to say two. Think of here, I will go to my grandfather, gently push the grandfather, how did not move? I took a look at the newspaper, the original grandfather fell asleep! I’m in a hurry like ants on a hot pot.
“Boom, boom,” the clock struck 9, I return to the house to sleep. Cudgel thinking in bed, think, only to go for the thirty-sixth meter — slip.
The second day early in the morning, I finished appliances, with good food, ready to sneak out “”. When I opened my door, I heard the four “ministers” in the dining room “. A chance, sneak out! And it’s too late to do it. You slowly noisy, “small house” go! I like swiftly ran downstairs, decided to go to school..
I this several “minister” ah, where they know my little “emperor” need anything “.