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Listen to voice of the soul

Listen to voice of the soul


Mind is a Wang qingxi, flying flowers, gurgling streams flow, have wonderful melodies. Views of the mind is able to enjoy, it is a scene in the picture, only the people who appreciate, its flavor can be read.


The language of the heart is blossom notes, from bud broke ground to an abundance of lush is a melodious song, flowers of the soul is beautiful, it is the shy spring, summer love, the romance of autumn and winter Jie ya.


Voice of the soul is the need to take the time to listen, it is out in the eyes of innocence, it is the meaning of cheek showing, it is dancing to the heartbeat andheartbeat, it is hand and hand grips that frank and firm.


Soul voice is a distant heavenly voice, through time and space, distance, ringing in tender heart; the voice of the soul is a thousand origami cranes flying under the blue sky and white clouds, it is prayers, it was cotton sweet heart.


Heart lyrics are scattered with stars in the night sky; statement the blossoming peach and Plum Garden of the soul; heart song of the Cowherd was waiting spirit bond is relatively silent on crane bridge.


To listen to the voice of the soul, need a mood of Mazumdar concentrate; chewing soul lyrics, you need a feeling the heart God brought written statements of the soul needed a touched the overwhelming; to talk the language of the heart, need a grateful from the bottom of my heart.

Listen to inner voice

Listen to inner voice


Will hesitate is because we did not listen to inner voice, but were disrupted by people around voice your thoughts. In fact, we already had decided, but we are determined to do, fear, fear of the expectations, chosen the wrong fear of regret.


Some people will recommend to us that he had walked the streets, to serve as our guiding light. The enviable life maybe he is, but that doesn’t mean his path is also suitable for us, can we get the same thing. Everyone has a different way to go, even onthe same road, but also from different processes and results. He can recommend usas a reference, but it is not our only option.


Once in a lifetime, we are bound to choose a path that is best for you, instead of someone else‘s life. Maybe the path we have chosen is very difficult, but it is our dream. Others have no right to deny our dreams, have no right to stop us from chasing the dream. Maybe in the end we will fail as others expected, we also don’t need to regret not to listen to others ‘ advice and recommend, you only need to review everystep from reflection and summary, again to make a choice.


Regardless of success or failure, is that we have to face and endure, others to be a prophet, can do with hindsight, but others cannot replace our process and outcome is good or bad. We have to do is listen to the inner voice, do the things they want todo, try again for their own life, and my wonderful life. Life without too much hesitation and regret our time, selection of best practices to save time is to believe in yourself, and stick to their choice, spent more time trying to make your dreams cometrue.

My hot teacher

My hot teacher
“Hawaii’s hot, hot, let a hot hot … …” sings this song, ones I can’t help but think of the hottest teacher in grade three—-Miss Chen.
She wore long hair, oval-shaped face framed with black grape-like eyes, covered with a tiny nose, a glib little cherry-shaped mouth, looks cute. Know at a glance is a gentle teacher. But you‘ll never guess which seems beautiful tender behind, hiding a hot blast of personality.
Read the questions the hot
How do you read? Do you read? Please don’t wait! Bad is dead. Unconsciously Chen has come to me, lion‘s roar . Oh my God, scary! Read a math problem, you need to be so strict? Oh——meet the teacher, count me down eight lifetimes of bad!
Stop!Can’t focus. Reread! Chen hang shouts of the class.
Suddenly, the silence in the classroom. The students looked at each other, confused.
“Xiao Ming 5 Yuan to … … Ready to start! Chen with a clear sweet voice for everyone a head.
You see, this is my hot teacher. In fact, she hoped that we read the questions carefully, carefully to examine the topic, don’t fall into the trap.
Class spicy hot
Bob classmates, please answer the question!
“With this, uh … … should be … …”
For more than 5 seconds to answer, even if you didn’t listen, fined 10 maths! Fang Fang classmates, you answer it.
Students suddenly are sitting like a Bell, wandering, glued to the Board andteachers, for fear of accidentally missing a sentence penalty couldn’t answer questions. Teacher‘s mouth slightly higher, into a slight smile with satisfaction.  Replica cartier love bracelet gold
See, spicy teacher is spicy hot. Naturally, she means every minute is all class, listencarefully.
Look, this is my hot teacher is MISS Chen. “Hawaii’s hot, hot, let a hot hot … …”

Pupils writing Quiet “naughty”

Tree birds twitter barking, as if calling me to join their ranks, June 20, 1998 in the morning, I came naked glory to become global citizens of the world. Mom, Dad named Zheng Rongrong for me, probably hoping that I do not proud of an arrogant man it.
My child is not short, coupled with a thin build, no wonder people are so praise: “You can really skinny ah!” A long face, trimmed with a pair of piercing eyes, a pair of thick, curved curved eyebrows like the fifth day of the moon. Articulate a small mouth, and bit on a high nose uninvited guest “glasses.” These “parts” created a naturally happy for me.Click here to buy your favorite products.Cartier Replica Jewelry
Although I look Wenwen quietly, I can be naughty again! I once did a snakeskin top Tubby “parachute”, looking for someone to tease about. I came upstairs and saw my grandmother just came back from the market to buy Levin, I put snakeskin toward grandma throwing in the past, just throw in my grandmother’s head, depriving her grandmother fell a colonel, legs fell off, and also just bought a basket full of eggs fell to pieces. Mom picked angry guy would hit me, scared I desperately fled wildly.
Singing is my specialty. Each weekend, most of the time I enjoy the music, what pop music, old revolutionary tune Yeah, I mouth to come. Once early in the morning, I am a man holding a microphone to sing at home, that hoarse howling, fights neighbors came to my house, “complain,” her mother angrily to cut the line of home theater, but I was still will sing, The neighbors told me no alternative but sadly away. You said I was not a “music mad” Ah! Do not look at me at home being “hate” in the school, I’m the class, “singing star”
Everyone saw me all shook their heads, saying that I and quiet appearance, lovely name that is not commensurate with what a “withered skin ghost.” Who cares, I am me, no matter how others judge me, I have only one belief: that is happy every day.

Pupils writing Our class has a “clown”

“Clown” and “reputation” to him is none other than the classroom, “clown” Please pay attention in class, do not deserted children, please do not do the trick voice heard, this is the teacher special attention to him. To ask “clown” is the sort of person he is, most teachers have a headache, complain incessantly, and notoriously “troublemakers” Zhang Qiang.
Zhang Qiang is indeed a very special character. You see, He had a pair of water Lingling deadline see, aquiline nose, large mouth, neck, wore the bulk, more compelling, almost surprisingly large, plus a pair of hands and two total tamper restless legs, at first glance, seems to be a clay Taitouwawa. Thus, the students to Zhang Qiang morning train doggerel: “big, big head, people have to worry about rain umbrella, you have a big head..” Having said that, there is always cause laughter. Zhang Qiang, these may not mind a good joke, and the students laugh it off.
Initially, the teacher gift Qiang “clown” this nickname, he was a bit difficult to accept. He has been begging for light emitted by his great eyes. After class, he hurried to her teachers: “I said the teacher ah teacher, you grant me,” clown “nickname, I am deeply honored to be out of capacity, I really have when the puppet, you give a seal others, such as ‘Big Head’ and the like, “he also fear that the teacher is difficult to take the hint, below said straight side by side teacher:”! mentor, you see nothing if Xian Na diverse line “At this time, he was also a teacher amused, said: “You ah you, but lip service to say, I’ll take you to the principal’s office, to the table and a half about your glorious deeds..” “clown heard panicked, they Jiaodimayou, Cengceng back to the classroom.
Class, “clown” or still “naughty. His left hand holding a pencil, from holding a stick with a low-octave voice Yaotouhuangnao singing, that foot still live the beat, as if to show “Savage crazy” sort of rock and roll. “clown” playing immediately get a few like-minded classmates with the stench, they have followed suit, classroom suddenly “live” up …… ”
“Clown” action naturally can not escape the teacher’s eyes, he has been spotted dancing teacher. She scanned the classroom through that highly presbyopia lens, its fine program as much as a high-precision CT scanner. After the teacher found, snapped shouted: “Zhang Qiang students, Tai Weiqu you, then you came to play for the students it, I wonder if you think of it?” This sentence is obviously the teacher let him stand up in class. “Clown” I know a teacher to respect follow suit, he got the message to go onto the stage. As a result, the audience group of buddies naturally not to act rashly. “Clown” mind to understand, if not in the stage mischievous, nothing serious consequences when such things can still go its own way after school.
Sure enough, after class, the teacher did not will. “Clown”, “justice”, “clown” and once “saved the day”, but we suffer. The teacher told the scene we just happened to be fragments of sketches.
Once, our school interest-line performances, the lack of a say in our class comic. Teacher fancy “clown” funny, gave him a chance to show. “Clown” aware of responsibility, it will be very hard, together with another life practice, this comedy in the school play, “clown” has become the focus of the school. Students had to “clown” with admiration. Since then, such as this type of thing, the teacher always let the “clown” Go, and each will give you a surprise. Not long ago, he was also elected as the students in our class literary committee, has become the backbone of our class art, this is our class “clown.”

Pupils writing I am a “genius”

Pupils writing “To be useful, laughing heap heaven and earth can be the enemy,” I was born a genius …….
Wow, who is so mad, his own called “genius”? Well, of course, it is our class Zhoumiao Miao, and the self-proclaimed genius Zhoumiao Miao in our class is really famous yet.
Zhoumiao Miao, medium height, small eyes, a “crocodile fish mouth” smile up to reveal two rows of jagged teeth. First to see him have such a feeling: Zhoumiao Miao ancestors must be apes.
I remember a basketball game. Zhoumiao Miao went to great lengths to grab the ball. He dropped into the basket. Doomsday children around the girls stare small holes punched all surprised. You know, but scoring chances Zhoumiao Miao thousandth of it! Look Zhoumiao Miao, he narrowed his eyes a pair is not that big, god “trout fish mouth” laughed happily, excitedly waving his fists beating his chest, like a “Tarzan.” Onlookers said disapprovingly but is blind cat encountered a dead rat, to see his gentile carried away.
In case God for mercy so that he scored again, he will be able to heaven it! “Zhoumiao Miao hear dismissively said:” This is jealous genius performance. The ball is just a manifestation of the true level of genius, how is it coincidence? Well, is always shining gold, a genius is always genius.
Why ask Zhoumiao Miao collectively own genius, the reason is very simple: cartoon “Slam Dunk” He saw a lot all day, self-proclaimed genius Yingmuhuadao school. But he and Yingmuhuadao same: flashy, would only say, hard to do.
One time after school, and in the self-proclaimed genius 周苗苗 girls around rallied together to attack: “genius genius, born fool.” “Self-proclaimed genius who fool the majority” Zhoumiao Miao jerked back, staring at the group of girls. and oblique eyes, turned away. Pretty girls face to face, they are a very surprised look. Then he laughed Zhoumiao Miao looked back at the group of girls who ridicule their own, arrogantly said: “!! The big villain genius and you do not care about these good men do not fight with women.”
“I was a genius, I was a genius, because I was a genius ……”
Alas, my ears it sounded Zhoumiao Miao said that the self-proclaimed genius sound ……

Pupils writing We have brains sister

I have a four year old sister, her naughty by nature, smart and lovely, full of childlike.
One day at noon, my sister sat on the bed to play. She cocked his head, his right hand holding a small red plastic tube, flashing a pair of piercing eyes, playfully told me :: ‘sister, of us with this pipe blowing, than anyone else air force, okay? ”
“Well, now blow!” Carter, the two of us on each of his mouth a thin tube, while blowing up. I make all the stops, not her opponents. I steal a look, I saw her in tightly sipping chuckle, red lips, my disdain, as saying: “! But you blow me”
Is there such a big sister, air force? I do not believe so, I am even more hard to blow up. Biede I got angry, mouth blew pain, and my sister does not prevent forced out of little hands on my drum wandering round the cheek pinch, “Puchi” and smiled. At this time, I found my sister over there a few deep teeth marks on the head tube. Suddenly realized: She was killed by the tube it! I asked my sister to playing.
I spit tube, smiles tenderly ready to teach her. Sister a sideways, slips out of bed, Lueqi curtain, quickly went to the outhouse to go. “Boom” sister hit the mother who was doing lunch. Mom pretended to be angry and said: “? How is it you little daredevil, like a stone, like rattling around and if a kid not let you down this child can not be pressed into patties.!” Laughed her sister bent over, with the index finger me, intermittently, said: “Her sister is …… …… ‘stone man’ it!” Then, she stumbled out the door to the smile.Pupils writing

my teacher

Dead of night, the silence, I am full of melancholy to watch in the window. Intermittent drizzle outside, the sky dark and lifeless, gray, worldly things are lingering in the quiet of the night.
Deep night, so I have mixed feelings, I can not help but turn on the set, looking at the photos on your affable, smiling is so serene, how much fun I was nestled in your bosom! This is your time to lead us to participate in the city’s primary school speech contest shoot pictures, I always treasured treasure, whenever I think of you when I opened it and carefully look, maybe you do not know at this time This mind moment, a girl in deeply miss you.
You are my first-grade math teacher. Remember you always smiling, a stroke to teach us to write Arabic numerals, that sweet voice always resound in our ears; smile and bounce with us. Class each student got your care and concern and attentive care.
Our class a student, father, mother passed away, and she followed her aunt had, when my aunt went out to work, she can only jealously guarding its availability. She often dragging nose, long since seeped black fingernails, his head lice jump. Students are to her at arm’s length. You can often took her to his quarters, to help her face. Nails, also took her on his knees, with a fine-toothed comb to comb her hair over and over again, except lice …… your thin pale face showing a sweet motherly smile. At that time, how I want you to hold me in your arms, taste is Gesha taste.
Finally one day, my wish came true, and how can I hope all this will not happen.
It was a winter morning, I rode just came to the school, an oncoming tractor, is when I know what to do, I felt a sudden heavy pressure any bike to me, what seems to be covering the eyes, dark ground, surrounded by a noise, “Please get out, give way!” you put me tightly hold me in his arms, he kept shouting my name, in that hysterically calling. If also with a choked voice. I was groggy, as if lying on her mother warm embrace. Confused, I feel your breath coming faster and faster, more pace to run heavy
When I opened my eyes, he has been lying in a hospital emergency room. You smiled and leaned over to me, I clearly see on your forehead large drops of perspiration positive slide that thin face.
But you, since that later fell ill, where I know that you hold me hastily rush to the hospital when it is done and just dragging advanced gastric cancer chemotherapy frail body, how can I think of that you spared no efforts for us, the stream to make the last drop of sweat, and never left us! However, for just six years old, how could I experience your love, how to love your experience!
Four years later, I have grown up day by day, and today, I finally came to realize that your love, your love, your love and love nurtured us. In our memory, we are leaving for deep thoughts ……

Shy brother

My brother Jiang Bo, people say: when he was voted the wrong tires. A round face, covered with one pair of almond eyes, small nose Below is a Yingtaoxiaokou and spoke with a soft-spoken, look just like a girl phase. But you look down again, it will certainly make you laugh: fat body support TV drama short neck. Little stomach bulging like a pot buckle, little ass too fat to go over the road to Yichanyichan. Has such a body has chosen his brother fell in love with dance, and ballet is beautiful.
You Do not laugh, he danced really good, also participated in the Festival it! Once he gave us his learned dance performances, I saw him kick one pair of fat legs, the body sometimes forward, sometimes backward, sometimes idling, all the people are full of praise for his dancing. The show was over, before and after his brother legs crossed, hands carry a skirt made of action in the side, knees slightly nodded salute Xie dance. This witty brother’s every move, amused everyone convulsed with laughter, laugh.
Brother not only face looks like a girl, love ballet, in life, play girl is his assiduous. One time we played every family, he had volunteered to be “mom.” At first I did not agree, why go to a dignified man loading a woman. But he tells me: “I have to become a mother, you let me know how I can not try it!”
Finally, my brother finally conquered me, got the right mother, he happily took a mother. Also not to mention, he really pretend to like something else – while pouring water, get together while cooking, while they shouted: “! Ye homework, learn well have a beating.”
This is my brother, a feminine little boy.

my dad

My father, medium height, a pair of small eyes screwed up, coupled with the depth of myopia glasses askew, laughing, his eyes only the next seam.
Sunday morning, Dad blowing his beard in the mirror. I saw his face, clutching his towel, rushed out from the bathroom. Originally he accidentally blew a hole in his face. Dad high myopia, scratch face is common. After my mother looked distressed and said: “You, electric razor into the long overdue elimination.
Taking advantage of the morning free, Dad happily buy electric razors.
To lunch time, I exclaimed: “My belly growling, eat it fast!” Mom and Dad to go home to eat and so insist. After a child, my father, his voice came back from outside. I am curious to ask: “Daddy how do you come back?” “Hee hee ……” He smiled mysteriously:. “Jackpot friends ……” Then, out of two hardcover from the bag, “one hundred thousand Why. ” I was overjoyed, because they are my long-awaited. Mom some unhappy, mouth nagging: “! To more than one hundred dollars it” Dad said:. “You can let the children grow knowledge, this book is worth buying so many people who can, and then later step, the money also buy this book because now the parents are willing to ‘intellectual investment’ ‘by the mother’s face Warrington:. “You ah, my heart really only son, but I could not have your own” Then, my goo! goo called stomach quiet, sitting on the sofa won the book of God through the pages will accumulate.
Mom and Dad have to end the meal in the kitchen, and came to their conversation from the kitchen, my mother said: “Let you buy razors, but you books.” Dad said excitedly: “As long as children grow knowledge, I does not matter, Old razors can deal with it for a while, “my parents listened to conversations, difficult to calm my heart a long time, I thought:! only concerned about his son, while ignoring their own, this is my father.