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I have a lofty ideal is when a distinguished painter. Because I grew up like painting. Whenever I have time, not on paper that is painted black board or on the ground to die painting. My favorite painting of the Monkey King, the beginning, I do not know how to draw, after the teacher’s instructions, I drew the Monkey King really will change seventy-two miles!
At first I did not have the patience to draw well, since I read “painted egg” this story, did not know of how we can become a famous painter. The first to do the teacher’s words can Xin. The second should be to do no matter what the painting in earnest. Leonardo da Vinci is because of this child became a famous painter.
One day, the teacher suddenly asked me to draw a landscape. After returning home I skip meals, she went outside to Hibiscus Hibiscus tree aunt portrait. In order to gain some time to play a while. The next day, I like the hibiscus tree aunt to the teacher, the teacher smiled and said: “Yeah sail, the head of hibiscus flowers gone?” I said: “Hey! I really confused,” noon, I was in earnest to draw a good aunt Fleur headdress. Hibiscus aunt looked at me and smiled, I look hibiscus aunt laughed.
I think, if I can hold Diligence more training, more thinking, you must also distinguished painter Leonardo da Vinci.


My name is Zhao Yu, 12 years old this year, in Ji’nan City Experimental Primary School Grade six. I am a little black, others call me “Hei Ni”, but I feel good, because the black is a healthy performance. In that I was not ugly — not fat not thin, not tall nor short, there is a pair of big eyes round face. When the mouth hung two shallow dimples. Mom said I have “Fuxiang”, when my hair thinning is yellow, Lang Lang, had. “Three gun twisting son” and “beauty”. Now grown up, hair blackening concentrated, head wearing a bunch of rough and dark “horse’s tail”, is really the “ugly duckling” into a “Little Swan.
We don’t see is a pair of sisters, mom and Dad don’t spoil us, since childhood I pick used to sister wore old clothes, so develop do not pick the food and clothing the simple habit, “since ancient times, the longitudinal thread less Wei male”! I remember one year of Spring Festival, my mother bought me a beautiful dress, so beautiful clothes I always feel not to wear out, and later in the mother’s repeated persuasion, and finally put on new clothes and partners to play. They see are in pointing to talk about my new dress, I feel uncomfortable, go home the same day took off his clothes, put on the former simple hindquarter son, the in the mind feel at ease. I have a little headstrong, is earnest and loving, recognize a dead child. This point is like my dad, mom said this is called genetic she often said: “Zhao Jiayi is a generation of this generation, they really! Mom this is hualiyouhua, it is praise seriously over me. So I’m glad to hear that.
I served as cadres of the school and the class, and because looks a bit dark, so students sent me a nickname — “black cat sheriff. I like “nosy”. I think it should be the monitor! Usually see the students driving people, do not comply with the discipline, copy operations and other undesirable phenomena, will appear as a small cadre of the identity, the spot severely criticized them. Therefore, have “offend some people, ‘sometimes friends falling out of the face, so, I sometimes very distressed. But I think this is out of their kindness, when a cadre to talk about the principle, so I still want to be happy when this role.
Say some embarrassed, I was born with a knife mouth, so in my small time arguing with others to whet mouth became my routine, and not to make a merits and not rest until. No wonder the old “offending” people. I’m a big boy now, I think about the past, I think it’s funny. Because I find that it’s better to talk about the problem, so I’m starting to pay attention to the way people do things. I now love to make friends, I think the friendship is a kind of invisible, great power, life without it, you will feel lonely, lonely. So, regardless of age than I am big or small, learning difference is good, as long as the character is good, I am willing to make friends. Friends and I have been in contact with me, I know that I am a straight temper, is a hot heart, and gradually became a bosom friend with me. In this way, my friend is getting more and more.
Although I am not smarter than others, but I don’t admit defeat, everything is unwilling to fall behind, I love all the subjects: mathematics, language, sports, art, music, I was interested in. Therefore, the development of more comprehensive. As the saying goes: “mountain outside the Castle Peak Louwailou, strong in the more strong hand”, who want to better than me, that I must over her (him), not a winner never “rest”, will not encounter problems, I must do everything possible to get to the bottom of it can not be. Therefore, my study has always been among the best. This gives me a revelation: do anything serious, effort, it will be successful. At the same time I realized that the “wedge and stone can be engraved or not, the profound meaning of this saying’. Here, I just rough sketch of my situation, write the past and present me. What’s the future I like? Please let me in the future with the colorful pen of life to be more clear and full of my image to you!

Beautiful mother

In the summer, the mother is wearing a “yarn” every morning, this “yarn” so that we love her mother.
Hot summer, when our sisters still sweet sleep, my mother had to cook up, busy household chores. But when I and my mother to wake us up, we always found on my mother’s head wearing yarn, in the sunshine and particularly crystal, transparent, like a string of pearls, beads and beads between connected with silver and incomparable luster. I curiously to the mother said: “Mom, hello beautiful!” could not understand her mother looked at me said: “silly boy, my mother is old, still beautiful even!” I smiled, the mother pulled to the side of the mirror, mother Wang Nymphoides mirror, not mountain to laugh, the head gauze wipe down, while said with a smile: “the spider web on the head, your mom is beautiful! Mom, you are suddenly you wear it on the head of Ning” mother ant listened and smiled, did not answer my. “You said,” I can’t wait to wait for my mother’s answer. Mother pulled my hand came into the yard, if both sides of the garden said: “you see, these two garden every night dragged some spider web, morning, I hold firewood to from the past, so the head is a spider’s web.” Listen to the mother’s explanation, I thought the original is a spider in the dark dress, can also see ant ant in the ant mother proud of hard work.
The mother not only to get up early every day, and to live is also well versed in the crops, the village people are called “mother ant is skilled labor”.
The weather was unusually hot, I am at home sitting quietly stand. This day, my mother and I went to the cornfield weed. In the corn grew 1.5, green long long. Mom came out from the corn, I pleasantly surprised to said: “your mother’s head and put on” yarn “, a layer of golden yellow yarn, features an unmarried girl as beautiful.” Mother then understood what I called the “yarn” is something, but a little smile.
My mother every day in the tension and hard work, the mother of the abnormal beautiful “yarn” is also always in the transformation.

Grandfather give way

One night in early winter, we have a “family meeting” started.
Our family of three generations, the size of home things by my grandfather. He had thought the idea peremptorily poured out: “at the moment, our population, there are 28000 yuan deposit. I think we have to build a new home no problem. Children like watching TV, the rest of the money to buy a color tv. Another point is not enough, what do you think?”
My father is a famous dutiful son village, mother is a famous and virtuous wife. They listened and nodded in approval. Brother says, I and my brother happy a lot of applause, only just came the sister-in-law looked down in silence. The whole family’s eyes suddenly to the sister-in-law.
Sister in law is our first professional school graduates here. Her family are all watching her, methodically said: “I have idea – – – – – -” Dad see sister-in-law openings, quickly said: “you are bold to say, our democracy, whose idea nice who.”
Be poker-faced sister-in-law said: “now I asked to reduce non productive expenditure, expanded reproduction. If our money have built new houses, not only expanded reproduction, but also pulled famine. In my view, it is better to do not cover the new house, the color TV is not to buy, save the money used in production. Let’s a a second raise three processing, plot up and keep a good pig more manure, feed some Angora rabbit, to feed on 200 chickens, a young said can earn 30000, let’s put the fire of old business, not in a few years, don’t worry I can not afford to build new houses, color TV, Grandpa, grandma, Dad, mom, you see how? ”
The sister-in-law said, everyone nodded. Listen to her sister speak closely reasoned and well argued applauded to jump up, unexpectedly. Grandpa just came sunxifu were so pleased to counsel, stroked his beard and straight music. He smiled to sister-in-law said: “yes, yes, you still young people have the foresight, just do as you say. I see, I like this, my family would be up to you when,”
The younger brother is very naughty to ask a grandfather: “Grandpa, the wife is the husband, you are ha ah?” Grandpa stroked his beard, laughed and said: “I ah, take a back seat as a consultant.” “Ha, ha, ha…” The whole family were two of them laugh, the laugh at night especially loud, very fa

Grandma’s interest

My grandma has been over sixty years old. Most of the elderly to the retirement age at home, not with children, is around the turn. But my grandma is different, and she has her own special interests.
Grandma is very fond of painting, sometimes in order to draw a picture of what has been forgotten. Remember once, at school late, I concluded that the grandmother would have to cook a good meal in waiting for me, walked into the house. It was quiet in the house, I think: orange, will not be a grandmother went out. I went into the room, but I saw my grandmother is sitting at the table. I went to his grandmother said: “grandma already 12 Doraemon, suddenly you don’t cook, my stomach is embedded with the, while I have to go to school!” grandmother then did he realize that quickly said: “olfactory action! I think now it’s still early! You go first to eat some cookies, I’ll cook.” Smell, grandmother to concentrate on painting, even the cooking of things also forget. I went to see the grandmother of the masterpiece, see the above painting a blossoming lined with green leaves red peony, some flowers in full bloom, some bud. It is both varied and beautiful. I could not help but praise, and my grandmother smiled happily.
Grandma also has a hobby, likes the entertainment, has been infatuated recently with the dance old disco. She always said, “how good it is to dance the disco, not only to enrich the lives of the elderly, but also to have good health.
One time, after school, I walked through the neighborhood committees, heard an aunt is talking about what, suddenly the music rang again. I’m curious to stand at the door to look, saw the old woman, the old grandfather with the rhythm of the music jump up, while they swing their arms, while twisting double hip, each action is so powerful, stretch. I see their beautiful dance feel these grandparents too happy, at this time, wring their grandmother figure catches my eyes. Her face was full of sweat, but she was full of red light and wrinkles, as if she had been walking away with the energy of her grandmother ” “I came to see my dear grandma!” “How do you like your grandmother?” Grandma asked happily. I say: “good, good!” Grandma smiled. I think she’s getting younger.
Who said that the elderly should not have their own lives, from the grandmother, I saw the old man’s pursuit of happiness.

Grandma, I love you

“Di bell – – – – – -” the phone rang, I picked up Jane and telephone suddenly spread a burst of warm voice: “Hello, red?” Ah, site grandmother, living in the United States grandma! Grandma that kind of face immediately in front of my eyes: bright god fine, tall and straight nose, the mouth of angular, with thick black hair mixed zhaoer gray hairs, the kind of face with sort of fortitude.
Grandma is a very ordinary person, but also a very unusual person. Glance since she was young, is a textile worker, work every day to go a long way, bus also want to switch a few road car. My grandmother every day five multi up, from home to work to spend more than two hours, but also to take care of her three sons, also is my father, my uncle and three uncles. Due to long asked super load of manual labor, grandma’s legs long a malignant tumor, the doctor said to the tumor length of the leg amputated, so, Grandma lost a leg.
Lost a leg to grandma, how to take good care of three young sons, of which my uncle was only three years old. Tenacious grandma with crutches to support the family, washing clothes, dinner, cleaning health – – – – – – how many times, she falls down. The most serious, wrist fracture dislocation, when grandma, are strong enough to survive. Is the time to catch up with the “Cultural Revolution”, elementary school’s father and uncle they are closed factory, grandma did not let father them to wanton play outside, but let them self-study at home, no textbooks, to a neighbour’s house to borrow. Grandma let dad read to her, and read it smooth, there is also enough to write down words, dictionary. Grandma their cultural level is not high, but Dad they learn, she often says: “do not learn the cultural knowledge, grow up is useless.” Father, they have no expectations of negative thing grandma, uncle in the first year after the resumption of college entrance examination test stung treng, Nankai University, after graduation and went to the United States read the doctor, now in the United States to live. After graduating from the Tianjin Normal University, my father was a reporter. Three uncles enrolled in Hebei Institute of technology, after graduation when the textile industry technical cadres, these are Grandma hard to cultivate the results!
I was born in 1990. Grandma likes me very much, she said I was strong, to be a man. Slowly I have grown up, into the nursery, and later into the nursery, every weekend or holidays, mom and Dad take me to see grandma. Mother once told me that grandma in this life is not easy, she had three sons and became a college student, with their disabled body to support the family. Although I was very young, but my grandmother in my heart has a very deep impression. Soon, grandma was received to uncle USA. I used to ask Uncle E-mail, grandma, grandma often called my house, I encourage Study hard. I told my grandma that I must study hard, grow up to go to the United States to study abroad, to take care of grandma grandmother home. Today, I was on the phone with my grandma.

I love my mother

Mother is a very ordinary rural women, although less than 40 years old, but the head has long been a trace of white hair. Because my father works in the town, home to ten acres of farmland will be the mother of the contract. Spring to autumn, all kinds of income, mother good hard! At home, mother to do the housework, wait a moment paralyzed Grandpa, restless. Sometimes I want to help my mother, but she always said: “to write homework, read a book to go!” life in the mother’s side, I feel the mother’s warmth and love all the time. In my heart, she is the most amiable and respectable person in the world.
One morning last summer, we have an exam on the playground. That day there is no trace of wind, fireball like sun baked people sweating and my forehead sun straight perm, the eye is sunlight thorn in the open, the body sweat bugs crawling. Do a few questions, really can not stand, I will take the paper as a fan to the wind. Well, it’s cool, comfortable.
“Li Lu!” the teacher cried, scared me out and make up the papers. “Li Lu, your mother gave you a hat. Your mom really cares about you, refuels! “Said the teacher put the straw hat in my hot fameng head.
My mum’s hat? I am busy looking toward the west side of the field (my field there) not far away, my mother was carrying a hoe walked toward the ground. Oh, mom must just pass by here, his wearing straw hat to me. My heart suddenly was tugging, feel ashamed and grateful. I saw my mother a bow to pull the hoe, saw a mother to a sweat, my throat like a stuffed a wad of cotton. Mom, for her daughter, you can work hard to work, you can rest assured that, mom, I will test a good score, you can repay your daughter’s love. Think of here, I also carefully start test.
“The world is only a good mother…” this is my favorite song, because a song, it will think of my mother’s care.
Last fall, the school organization to subscribe to the newspaper, I also told the teacher two copies of my favorite magazine: “golden boy” and “the students writing guide”, since the three grade, I have been in the order. But, this time I’m back home, I don’t dare to mention this thing. In fact, my mother is the most supportive of books to buy books, she often said: “when I was a child, the family is poor, can not afford to learn. It’s hard to know. Now the children go to school, I fully support, I just eat less and less wear a hard iron pot, also let them read.” However, this year, my home is too much debt? , my brother admitted to the normal, the cost of the fee paid on the yuan, the mother has stomach trouble, do not easily go to the hospital to see, I can give my mother again to increase the pressure, so I give up the idea of the magazine.
At the end of the day, life members sent a new magazine, I want to borrow a book at the same table will be, the teacher in charge of the teacher gave me two fine small magazine. My eyes a bright, ah, “red flower” and “the students writing guide”. I was wondering, the teacher said to me, “this is your mother, and she said that this is a new year’s gift to you.” “My mother? I was surprised and asked the teacher, “she said. Originally, the mother in the town hospital to see a doctor, meet the music teacher, music teacher mention I want to book magazine thing, mom, without any explanation, the doctor to use the money to the music teacher ten yuan, let he must give me order, also asked the first don’t tell me you give me a surprise.
I holding the full of motherly love magazine, think mother dragged emaciated Bingti day and night to toil, tears in my eyes straight Dazhuan son, I really think aloud to the students: “my mum is good! My mother the greatest!