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The beautiful park

Into the mind of Yangshao Park, leaving only one word: beauty.
The flower is beautiful. There is a flower, the top is pink, and more to the inside more pale, almost white flower at. Yellow flower, straight straight, like a flagpole, stands tall in the hearts of the people. Every flower, such as a small boat, raises the big sail, traveling in the distance, but do not know what the name of this flower.
The road is beautiful, the foot of the road next to the constant emergence of peach trees, ginkgo trees, cherry trees, and so let us do not know the name of the tree. Suddenly feel feet how is not very flat ah, originally I already from the cobblestone paved path towards a garden, this with cobblestone paved trail, in you travel, give you do foot massage, which is a pollution-free enjoy ah!
Some people are beautiful, people run in the morning enjoying the natural beauty of nature, they ran leisurely. See such a scene, I also sincerely aspire to, can not help but join the team in the morning run. Paozhaopaozhe, appeared in front of a “beautiful landscape”, on the side of the road of a square, dozens of wearing red clothes old aunt, holding the flower fan, smiling, waving waist, dancing in the breeze. They look very happy. Stop to watch the crowd, and some also for the move, “Wu”, it seems that they would also like to enter their territory”.

Listen to inner voice

Listen to inner voice


Will hesitate is because we did not listen to inner voice, but were disrupted by people around voice your thoughts. In fact, we already had decided, but we are determined to do, fear, fear of the expectations, chosen the wrong fear of regret.


Some people will recommend to us that he had walked the streets, to serve as our guiding light. The enviable life maybe he is, but that doesn’t mean his path is also suitable for us, can we get the same thing. Everyone has a different way to go, even onthe same road, but also from different processes and results. He can recommend usas a reference, but it is not our only option.


Once in a lifetime, we are bound to choose a path that is best for you, instead of someone else‘s life. Maybe the path we have chosen is very difficult, but it is our dream. Others have no right to deny our dreams, have no right to stop us from chasing the dream. Maybe in the end we will fail as others expected, we also don’t need to regret not to listen to others ‘ advice and recommend, you only need to review everystep from reflection and summary, again to make a choice.


Regardless of success or failure, is that we have to face and endure, others to be a prophet, can do with hindsight, but others cannot replace our process and outcome is good or bad. We have to do is listen to the inner voice, do the things they want todo, try again for their own life, and my wonderful life. Life without too much hesitation and regret our time, selection of best practices to save time is to believe in yourself, and stick to their choice, spent more time trying to make your dreams cometrue.

A happy day

As long as I heard that the coastal park is the most beautiful environment, the most complete facilities in the park, and
And there is also the attractive “McDonald’s” western fast food shop, so, I have cried for
Mother took me to the Development Zone Binhai park to play.
Today, the wish came true. Mom took me and a small partner to take a piece of
Car to the seaside park to play. A car came out, we are like birds twitter, in the car
Talking and laughing, attracted other passengers watched us, nor envy us
Happy, we still make too much noise, the scenery is really feel fresh. Morning
The wind pulled from the hand of the cloud, we follow a trot, chasing, playing, while change
A galloping horse, while a lovely child free……. Green land on both sides of the road
A piece of green thick carpet, people really want to lie down to sleep a sleep. On both sides of the road
The trees like the two rows of soldiers are dedicated to fortitude, watching the beautiful scenery!
In a moment, the car was in the station. We jumped out of the car. Abandoned
To the park. Wow! Park green shade trees, such as canopy, red flowers. Jiao Ruoxin
Niang, the river is so clear, so that people really want to drink a mouthful, even the bridge on the river is also built
To have a style of one’s own. It seems that our new district is really “new”. On this happy day
In the US, while skating, while guessing, while playing on the slide, a small
I think the most difficult to play is to draw a boat. Mother and aunt of the boat in the water
OK, but we don’t have to go. After a while, we
The boat finally caught up with them. My companions and I smiled: “hey! The world
Nothing is difficult, if you put your heart into it.”
Unconsciously hand at noon, we have not played enough, can be heard to bring us
To eat “McDonald’s”, we ran away. Came to the store, and eat a hamburger, and eat ice cream
With time, the mother to eat, we eat with appetite in Western-style food said: “when we were young, from
You don’t have to play like this, you know?” We are just not fully understand
Bear hardships.
Today, we are full, playing with the feet, relaxed and happy.

The little girl playing the zither

There is a little girl in our class. The name is Sun Fengyu. Her guzheng play very well,
Also won the first prize in Yantai city!
I and she are good friends. She has a flower that is common to her face, and the eyes of the grape,
Two small dimples cute, who see who love.
One time, I went to her house and saw her wearing fake nails on her hands:
“What are you going to do?” She said: “playing the zither! ‘” Would you please listen to me?”
I pleaded. “Well!” She readily replied. I saw her sitting in front of guzheng, hands
Deftly in Cheng struck, I suddenly asked: “you play all day so ah bombs, don’t feel
Get tired?” She said: “tired, how not tired ah, the pain in the!
After playing etudes, she played a song “mountain”, the music melody, harmony,
Sometimes low, sometimes high pitched, sometimes rapidly, sometimes Sui shu…… A note seems
A fluttering clouds, colorful ribbons, clear spring water, lush forest. I
Can not help but immerse in the beautiful music sound, unconsciously, she plays the.
I raised my thumb and said, “you are great.”!” She pulls out “yuzhouchangwan”
Music. I asked: “what is this song?” She said: “this song is expressed.
The fishermen in the evening row a boat to drive home in the scene.” Then she played it…
A section of beautiful music, in the sun Fengyu men, and a. With the story of the show
Her sweet tone, sometimes gentle, sometimes excitement, full of talk in an impressive way, happy smile
Language, as if people were in the music story…
At this time, my eyes seemed to show a new stage, sun Fengyu on stage
Playing guzheng, the audience are intoxicated in the beautiful melody.

My Daddy Cool

“Daddy Cool”
See this topic, you may wonder, how Dad and “cool” together? In fact, “cool” is my father. Really, my father is quite “vinegar”, every winter, he likes to wear a pair of black boots, a black coat, wearing a pair of sunglasses, a cigarette in his hand. Cool like Zhou Runfa in the Shanghai beach.
Dad’s face on the day of June, said change, good to me, “humble”, as if with the fear of the mouth, out in more afraid dirty the. However, this is mostly when I got 100 points in the exam. On my “bad” Daddy would Snort and stare, the table pat “bang bang” sound straight, scared I scared bile Britain. Once, I just finished my homework, you have a moment of TV, just by my father caught a positive. Father good to become a lion, a gust of wind. “Oh!” I hurried to run back, shut the door. My dad took two doors, voice boss shouted: “you dare to casually watching TV, see I do not hit your ass!” a little while, helpless footsteps just faded away.
The shape of the father is very cool, he is proud of, he is my city “top ten outstanding young teachers, often put the newspaper pictures of him with me: Hey, there are two pie small beard. Recently, there is a television named Shanghai tango, which has a protagonist called Ren Tianxiang, the actor is very much like my father. Whenever the TV play, father not only do not stop me wild, but also to I hold to lap and watch him work, any Tianxiang, he will say: “how, my father is very handsome?” I said: “handsome, but a little like…..” I know dad’s brand, I will not put the “bad boss” three words.
Daddy’s not only cool, but also very cool. My father is the school basketball coach. In the city’s basketball game, he trained the team beat many teams, also got the title of it, he is in the hearts of women’s basketball sister “Jack the lad”, those players, seems to be his own daughter, call me “jealous of furnace”,
Oh, my “cool” Dad, I love you.