Step on it,Thank my teacher

Step on it
I am most grateful to my teacher in charge of my class teacher Li Sanqiang. He gave me the address, being dislike the “ugly duckling” became a cute little swan 。
Since I entered the school gate, three years, the results are not always good, the teacher and the school are not look down on me, I also increasingly feel that learning is not strong. Just because my parents a painstaking, I was hard to read on the scalp.
Blink of an eye to ascend to the fourth grade, as our teacher is new teacher Li, the first day of class, he is looking for a conversation: “Lu Guangliang, you name it, ‘bright’, the future is a piece of light. Don’t because of your bad grades, gas dishes, I think, work harder and try harder, will go up, we hand over a friend. ” I nodded silently. Since then, the teacher often helps me with my study, no matter what difficulties, he asked for my spare spare time to troubleshoot. Classroom, encouraged me to speak, homework to me face to face change, so I class attentively listen, find and solve the problems in time. I think Miss Li’s class is very lively and interesting, so, I gradually improve the results, the final exam, language from the 42 points of grade three to rise to? 8, the third grade 51 math mountain points to 80 points. Announced grade, Miss Li like than my own are also pleased that specially when the students took patted me on the shoulder and said: “bright future is bright, work harder, for when the” Miyoshi students’! “From then on, the students also to me sit up and take notice, myself but also to the future full of confidence. I’m determined not to let him down. Read the fifth grade, I work hard, Li are more concerned about me, finally, in the UOL exam of this term, my overall results listed in third place of the town, school has been designated as an “outstanding graduate”.
Dear students, I can get such a good performance, not his – Li teacher’s credit it? I thank my teacher from the heart.