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I want to do the “autonomy” of the Emperor

I want to do the “autonomy” of the Emperor
Although I was the “emperor” of my family, I was afraid of everyone. Mother my help “minister”, “finance minister”, “ministry minister” father, “interior minister” grandma and grandpa labor minister and discipline to me severely, what I do are not a little autonomy ah! I of the four “Chancellor” no way, is often they release the suds. They are for my ideas, but anyone who is not satisfied, sometimes argue, so I not know what course to take.
On Friday, the school issued a notice: “spring outing tomorrow, with food, voluntary.” I go home followed by four “ministers” say, immediately caused a “sensation”, they also refused to give Each airs his own views., who.
“The chancellor of the exchequer” Mom in bed sitting, while knitting a sweater, while directed me to publish the command: “I think, spring can not, tomorrow to buy clothes work – – – – – -” the more I see my mother more like when the child even coax belt scared the Japanese devils.
“Your mother said was wrong,” father finally played a return to “positive figure”, joy straight want to hold my dad kiss a few bites, “should be and I went to the library to borrow books to.” Alas, my heart sank.
“We should let him go for a spring outing, the child should play noisy well!” grandma term value daughter, I really want to shouting “long live understanding”. “However, if the fall is in trouble. Or eat at home I do ‘spicy chicken soup’ safety.” Really fresh, if you drink chicken soup to choke me not also not safe.
I looked at the side of his grandfather, thought, Grandpa will agree with me to go outing. At home grandpa’s power is the biggest, as long as the grandfather said one, they certainly did not dare to say two. Think of here, I will go to my grandfather, gently push the grandfather, how did not move? I took a look at the newspaper, the original grandfather fell asleep! I’m in a hurry like ants on a hot pot.
“Boom, boom,” the clock struck 9, I return to the house to sleep. Cudgel thinking in bed, think, only to go for the thirty-sixth meter — slip.
The second day early in the morning, I finished appliances, with good food, ready to sneak out “”. When I opened my door, I heard the four “ministers” in the dining room “. A chance, sneak out! And it’s too late to do it. You slowly noisy, “small house” go! I like swiftly ran downstairs, decided to go to school..
I this several “minister” ah, where they know my little “emperor” need anything “.