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Pupils writing I am a “genius”

Pupils writing “To be useful, laughing heap heaven and earth can be the enemy,” I was born a genius …….
Wow, who is so mad, his own called “genius”? Well, of course, it is our class Zhoumiao Miao, and the self-proclaimed genius Zhoumiao Miao in our class is really famous yet.
Zhoumiao Miao, medium height, small eyes, a “crocodile fish mouth” smile up to reveal two rows of jagged teeth. First to see him have such a feeling: Zhoumiao Miao ancestors must be apes.
I remember a basketball game. Zhoumiao Miao went to great lengths to grab the ball. He dropped into the basket. Doomsday children around the girls stare small holes punched all surprised. You know, but scoring chances Zhoumiao Miao thousandth of it! Look Zhoumiao Miao, he narrowed his eyes a pair is not that big, god “trout fish mouth” laughed happily, excitedly waving his fists beating his chest, like a “Tarzan.” Onlookers said disapprovingly but is blind cat encountered a dead rat, to see his gentile carried away.
In case God for mercy so that he scored again, he will be able to heaven it! “Zhoumiao Miao hear dismissively said:” This is jealous genius performance. The ball is just a manifestation of the true level of genius, how is it coincidence? Well, is always shining gold, a genius is always genius.
Why ask Zhoumiao Miao collectively own genius, the reason is very simple: cartoon “Slam Dunk” He saw a lot all day, self-proclaimed genius Yingmuhuadao school. But he and Yingmuhuadao same: flashy, would only say, hard to do.
One time after school, and in the self-proclaimed genius 周苗苗 girls around rallied together to attack: “genius genius, born fool.” “Self-proclaimed genius who fool the majority” Zhoumiao Miao jerked back, staring at the group of girls. and oblique eyes, turned away. Pretty girls face to face, they are a very surprised look. Then he laughed Zhoumiao Miao looked back at the group of girls who ridicule their own, arrogantly said: “!! The big villain genius and you do not care about these good men do not fight with women.”
“I was a genius, I was a genius, because I was a genius ……”
Alas, my ears it sounded Zhoumiao Miao said that the self-proclaimed genius sound ……

Pupils writing We have brains sister

I have a four year old sister, her naughty by nature, smart and lovely, full of childlike.
One day at noon, my sister sat on the bed to play. She cocked his head, his right hand holding a small red plastic tube, flashing a pair of piercing eyes, playfully told me :: ‘sister, of us with this pipe blowing, than anyone else air force, okay? ”
“Well, now blow!” Carter, the two of us on each of his mouth a thin tube, while blowing up. I make all the stops, not her opponents. I steal a look, I saw her in tightly sipping chuckle, red lips, my disdain, as saying: “! But you blow me”
Is there such a big sister, air force? I do not believe so, I am even more hard to blow up. Biede I got angry, mouth blew pain, and my sister does not prevent forced out of little hands on my drum wandering round the cheek pinch, “Puchi” and smiled. At this time, I found my sister over there a few deep teeth marks on the head tube. Suddenly realized: She was killed by the tube it! I asked my sister to playing.
I spit tube, smiles tenderly ready to teach her. Sister a sideways, slips out of bed, Lueqi curtain, quickly went to the outhouse to go. “Boom” sister hit the mother who was doing lunch. Mom pretended to be angry and said: “? How is it you little daredevil, like a stone, like rattling around and if a kid not let you down this child can not be pressed into patties.!” Laughed her sister bent over, with the index finger me, intermittently, said: “Her sister is …… …… ‘stone man’ it!” Then, she stumbled out the door to the smile.Pupils writing