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Grandfather give way

One night in early winter, we have a “family meeting” started.
Our family of three generations, the size of home things by my grandfather. He had thought the idea peremptorily poured out: “at the moment, our population, there are 28000 yuan deposit. I think we have to build a new home no problem. Children like watching TV, the rest of the money to buy a color tv. Another point is not enough, what do you think?”
My father is a famous dutiful son village, mother is a famous and virtuous wife. They listened and nodded in approval. Brother says, I and my brother happy a lot of applause, only just came the sister-in-law looked down in silence. The whole family’s eyes suddenly to the sister-in-law.
Sister in law is our first professional school graduates here. Her family are all watching her, methodically said: “I have idea – – – – – -” Dad see sister-in-law openings, quickly said: “you are bold to say, our democracy, whose idea nice who.”
Be poker-faced sister-in-law said: “now I asked to reduce non productive expenditure, expanded reproduction. If our money have built new houses, not only expanded reproduction, but also pulled famine. In my view, it is better to do not cover the new house, the color TV is not to buy, save the money used in production. Let’s a a second raise three processing, plot up and keep a good pig more manure, feed some Angora rabbit, to feed on 200 chickens, a young said can earn 30000, let’s put the fire of old business, not in a few years, don’t worry I can not afford to build new houses, color TV, Grandpa, grandma, Dad, mom, you see how? ”
The sister-in-law said, everyone nodded. Listen to her sister speak closely reasoned and well argued applauded to jump up, unexpectedly. Grandpa just came sunxifu were so pleased to counsel, stroked his beard and straight music. He smiled to sister-in-law said: “yes, yes, you still young people have the foresight, just do as you say. I see, I like this, my family would be up to you when,”
The younger brother is very naughty to ask a grandfather: “Grandpa, the wife is the husband, you are ha ah?” Grandpa stroked his beard, laughed and said: “I ah, take a back seat as a consultant.” “Ha, ha, ha…” The whole family were two of them laugh, the laugh at night especially loud, very fa