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My name is Zhao Yu, 12 years old this year, in Ji’nan City Experimental Primary School Grade six. I am a little black, others call me “Hei Ni”, but I feel good, because the black is a healthy performance. In that I was not ugly — not fat not thin, not tall nor short, there is a pair of big eyes round face. When the mouth hung two shallow dimples. Mom said I have “Fuxiang”, when my hair thinning is yellow, Lang Lang, had. “Three gun twisting son” and “beauty”. Now grown up, hair blackening concentrated, head wearing a bunch of rough and dark “horse’s tail”, is really the “ugly duckling” into a “Little Swan.
We don’t see is a pair of sisters, mom and Dad don’t spoil us, since childhood I pick used to sister wore old clothes, so develop do not pick the food and clothing the simple habit, “since ancient times, the longitudinal thread less Wei male”! I remember one year of Spring Festival, my mother bought me a beautiful dress, so beautiful clothes I always feel not to wear out, and later in the mother’s repeated persuasion, and finally put on new clothes and partners to play. They see are in pointing to talk about my new dress, I feel uncomfortable, go home the same day took off his clothes, put on the former simple hindquarter son, the in the mind feel at ease. I have a little headstrong, is earnest and loving, recognize a dead child. This point is like my dad, mom said this is called genetic she often said: “Zhao Jiayi is a generation of this generation, they really! Mom this is hualiyouhua, it is praise seriously over me. So I’m glad to hear that.
I served as cadres of the school and the class, and because looks a bit dark, so students sent me a nickname — “black cat sheriff. I like “nosy”. I think it should be the monitor! Usually see the students driving people, do not comply with the discipline, copy operations and other undesirable phenomena, will appear as a small cadre of the identity, the spot severely criticized them. Therefore, have “offend some people, ‘sometimes friends falling out of the face, so, I sometimes very distressed. But I think this is out of their kindness, when a cadre to talk about the principle, so I still want to be happy when this role.
Say some embarrassed, I was born with a knife mouth, so in my small time arguing with others to whet mouth became my routine, and not to make a merits and not rest until. No wonder the old “offending” people. I’m a big boy now, I think about the past, I think it’s funny. Because I find that it’s better to talk about the problem, so I’m starting to pay attention to the way people do things. I now love to make friends, I think the friendship is a kind of invisible, great power, life without it, you will feel lonely, lonely. So, regardless of age than I am big or small, learning difference is good, as long as the character is good, I am willing to make friends. Friends and I have been in contact with me, I know that I am a straight temper, is a hot heart, and gradually became a bosom friend with me. In this way, my friend is getting more and more.
Although I am not smarter than others, but I don’t admit defeat, everything is unwilling to fall behind, I love all the subjects: mathematics, language, sports, art, music, I was interested in. Therefore, the development of more comprehensive. As the saying goes: “mountain outside the Castle Peak Louwailou, strong in the more strong hand”, who want to better than me, that I must over her (him), not a winner never “rest”, will not encounter problems, I must do everything possible to get to the bottom of it can not be. Therefore, my study has always been among the best. This gives me a revelation: do anything serious, effort, it will be successful. At the same time I realized that the “wedge and stone can be engraved or not, the profound meaning of this saying’. Here, I just rough sketch of my situation, write the past and present me. What’s the future I like? Please let me in the future with the colorful pen of life to be more clear and full of my image to you!