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Beautiful mother

In the summer, the mother is wearing a “yarn” every morning, this “yarn” so that we love her mother.
Hot summer, when our sisters still sweet sleep, my mother had to cook up, busy household chores. But when I and my mother to wake us up, we always found on my mother’s head wearing yarn, in the sunshine and particularly crystal, transparent, like a string of pearls, beads and beads between connected with silver and incomparable luster. I curiously to the mother said: “Mom, hello beautiful!” could not understand her mother looked at me said: “silly boy, my mother is old, still beautiful even!” I smiled, the mother pulled to the side of the mirror, mother Wang Nymphoides mirror, not mountain to laugh, the head gauze wipe down, while said with a smile: “the spider web on the head, your mom is beautiful! Mom, you are suddenly you wear it on the head of Ning” mother ant listened and smiled, did not answer my. “You said,” I can’t wait to wait for my mother’s answer. Mother pulled my hand came into the yard, if both sides of the garden said: “you see, these two garden every night dragged some spider web, morning, I hold firewood to from the past, so the head is a spider’s web.” Listen to the mother’s explanation, I thought the original is a spider in the dark dress, can also see ant ant in the ant mother proud of hard work.
The mother not only to get up early every day, and to live is also well versed in the crops, the village people are called “mother ant is skilled labor”.
The weather was unusually hot, I am at home sitting quietly stand. This day, my mother and I went to the cornfield weed. In the corn grew 1.5, green long long. Mom came out from the corn, I pleasantly surprised to said: “your mother’s head and put on” yarn “, a layer of golden yellow yarn, features an unmarried girl as beautiful.” Mother then understood what I called the “yarn” is something, but a little smile.
My mother every day in the tension and hard work, the mother of the abnormal beautiful “yarn” is also always in the transformation.