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The little girl playing the zither

There is a little girl in our class. The name is Sun Fengyu. Her guzheng play very well,
Also won the first prize in Yantai city!
I and she are good friends. She has a flower that is common to her face, and the eyes of the grape,
Two small dimples cute, who see who love.
One time, I went to her house and saw her wearing fake nails on her hands:
“What are you going to do?” She said: “playing the zither! ‘” Would you please listen to me?”
I pleaded. “Well!” She readily replied. I saw her sitting in front of guzheng, hands
Deftly in Cheng struck, I suddenly asked: “you play all day so ah bombs, don’t feel
Get tired?” She said: “tired, how not tired ah, the pain in the!
After playing etudes, she played a song “mountain”, the music melody, harmony,
Sometimes low, sometimes high pitched, sometimes rapidly, sometimes Sui shu…… A note seems
A fluttering clouds, colorful ribbons, clear spring water, lush forest. I
Can not help but immerse in the beautiful music sound, unconsciously, she plays the.
I raised my thumb and said, “you are great.”!” She pulls out “yuzhouchangwan”
Music. I asked: “what is this song?” She said: “this song is expressed.
The fishermen in the evening row a boat to drive home in the scene.” Then she played it…
A section of beautiful music, in the sun Fengyu men, and a. With the story of the show
Her sweet tone, sometimes gentle, sometimes excitement, full of talk in an impressive way, happy smile
Language, as if people were in the music story…
At this time, my eyes seemed to show a new stage, sun Fengyu on stage
Playing guzheng, the audience are intoxicated in the beautiful melody.