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Grandma’s interest

My grandma has been over sixty years old. Most of the elderly to the retirement age at home, not with children, is around the turn. But my grandma is different, and she has her own special interests.
Grandma is very fond of painting, sometimes in order to draw a picture of what has been forgotten. Remember once, at school late, I concluded that the grandmother would have to cook a good meal in waiting for me, walked into the house. It was quiet in the house, I think: orange, will not be a grandmother went out. I went into the room, but I saw my grandmother is sitting at the table. I went to his grandmother said: “grandma already 12 Doraemon, suddenly you don’t cook, my stomach is embedded with the, while I have to go to school!” grandmother then did he realize that quickly said: “olfactory action! I think now it’s still early! You go first to eat some cookies, I’ll cook.” Smell, grandmother to concentrate on painting, even the cooking of things also forget. I went to see the grandmother of the masterpiece, see the above painting a blossoming lined with green leaves red peony, some flowers in full bloom, some bud. It is both varied and beautiful. I could not help but praise, and my grandmother smiled happily.
Grandma also has a hobby, likes the entertainment, has been infatuated recently with the dance old disco. She always said, “how good it is to dance the disco, not only to enrich the lives of the elderly, but also to have good health.
One time, after school, I walked through the neighborhood committees, heard an aunt is talking about what, suddenly the music rang again. I’m curious to stand at the door to look, saw the old woman, the old grandfather with the rhythm of the music jump up, while they swing their arms, while twisting double hip, each action is so powerful, stretch. I see their beautiful dance feel these grandparents too happy, at this time, wring their grandmother figure catches my eyes. Her face was full of sweat, but she was full of red light and wrinkles, as if she had been walking away with the energy of her grandmother ” “I came to see my dear grandma!” “How do you like your grandmother?” Grandma asked happily. I say: “good, good!” Grandma smiled. I think she’s getting younger.
Who said that the elderly should not have their own lives, from the grandmother, I saw the old man’s pursuit of happiness.