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I am a man

I am a man
Even though I am a boy, I am a little timid, and the family says I am not a man.
Remember the second grade, my parents took me to the amusement park to play, I saw hanging in the air speed is scared to death, and took to their heels, a Jin said: “I don’t want to play, I don’t want to play!”
No way, dad and put me to another place, there is a long waterway, waterway has a small wooden boats, each boat can accommodate two people. Look at the sign, just know this is called “the torrent”. I have seen on TV, my heart is very afraid, but Dad dragged me sitting on a small wooden boat. He comforted me and said: “do not be afraid of my father!” I gritted his teeth, trying to make my heart at ease. Just listen to “beep” sound, I just feel the body is one earthquake, do a few deep breaths, boat slowly starts forward, then gradually speed up, my ears the wind whistled, I tightly cling to the handrail, bipod is hard to resist the hull, mouth closed, whirr of the wind and a rushing sound of water in my ring side whistling, my heart as if they were going to pop out of the; I yelled, “ah”.
And listen to “bang”, my hair was spray wet, the ship stopped, finally reached the end. I finally broke through. I long sigh a sigh of relief, it was on the face warm, forehead exudative son drops of sweat it! Just think about, really scared ah! And then my father took me to the car, the fighter, the fighter, and slowly, I got the nerve to get up. After a time of exercise, my parents say I am more and more like a man.