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my dad

My father, medium height, a pair of small eyes screwed up, coupled with the depth of myopia glasses askew, laughing, his eyes only the next seam.
Sunday morning, Dad blowing his beard in the mirror. I saw his face, clutching his towel, rushed out from the bathroom. Originally he accidentally blew a hole in his face. Dad high myopia, scratch face is common. After my mother looked distressed and said: “You, electric razor into the long overdue elimination.
Taking advantage of the morning free, Dad happily buy electric razors.
To lunch time, I exclaimed: “My belly growling, eat it fast!” Mom and Dad to go home to eat and so insist. After a child, my father, his voice came back from outside. I am curious to ask: “Daddy how do you come back?” “Hee hee ……” He smiled mysteriously:. “Jackpot friends ……” Then, out of two hardcover from the bag, “one hundred thousand Why. ” I was overjoyed, because they are my long-awaited. Mom some unhappy, mouth nagging: “! To more than one hundred dollars it” Dad said:. “You can let the children grow knowledge, this book is worth buying so many people who can, and then later step, the money also buy this book because now the parents are willing to ‘intellectual investment’ ‘by the mother’s face Warrington:. “You ah, my heart really only son, but I could not have your own” Then, my goo! goo called stomach quiet, sitting on the sofa won the book of God through the pages will accumulate.
Mom and Dad have to end the meal in the kitchen, and came to their conversation from the kitchen, my mother said: “Let you buy razors, but you books.” Dad said excitedly: “As long as children grow knowledge, I does not matter, Old razors can deal with it for a while, “my parents listened to conversations, difficult to calm my heart a long time, I thought:! only concerned about his son, while ignoring their own, this is my father.