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I have a lofty ideal is when a distinguished painter. Because I grew up like painting. Whenever I have time, not on paper that is painted black board or on the ground to die painting. My favorite painting of the Monkey King, the beginning, I do not know how to draw, after the teacher’s instructions, I drew the Monkey King really will change seventy-two miles!
At first I did not have the patience to draw well, since I read “painted egg” this story, did not know of how we can become a famous painter. The first to do the teacher’s words can Xin. The second should be to do no matter what the painting in earnest. Leonardo da Vinci is because of this child became a famous painter.
One day, the teacher suddenly asked me to draw a landscape. After returning home I skip meals, she went outside to Hibiscus Hibiscus tree aunt portrait. In order to gain some time to play a while. The next day, I like the hibiscus tree aunt to the teacher, the teacher smiled and said: “Yeah sail, the head of hibiscus flowers gone?” I said: “Hey! I really confused,” noon, I was in earnest to draw a good aunt Fleur headdress. Hibiscus aunt looked at me and smiled, I look hibiscus aunt laughed.
I think, if I can hold Diligence more training, more thinking, you must also distinguished painter Leonardo da Vinci.