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A box of balsam

“Teacher, Wang Fulin didn’t finish the homework today.” Learning members holding one
This pile of homework to toot gas just walked into a classroom teacher reported. I was
Thought she would be a snitch. What great. Is not a criticism, I
Be ready to be prepared for a long. In this class, I am a “veteran”
Finish the homework, and incorrigible. At the moment, I took to the teacher one’s special skill,
A low head, eyes, lips, as your teacher how to criticize my silence.
But today, the teacher’s action let me very surprised, she did not use the harsh language
Criticize me, but gently pull me to her in front of me and take me to play with my classmates
Get on the dust when trouble, help me to tie off the coat, red scarf, dig the white hands
The handkerchief wiped out my black and black nose. See the clean handkerchief
Black and dirty, the first time I felt embarrassed, my red face says to the teacher: “teacher,
My mother has got a brain tumor, can’t take care of me, i……” At this time, the teacher kind
Said: “the teacher is just heard of this matter, please forgive the teacher for your concern.
But you have grown up, you should learn to take care of yourself, look at your face, are almost black.” Then, the teacher asked me to the teacher in front of wash with clean water in the basin face. I washed the teacher and from his pocket and pulled out a round, yellow green box, after opening, a fragrance from assail the nostrils, turned out to be a box of balsam. The teacher in the box and took some balsam cream, gently, softly, as I rub on the face.
Ah, well! Like mother! I have forgotten to do the homework Aipi
The matter, but the teacher did not forget. She turned the subject to her homework and was kind to her.
I said: “Wang Lin, your mother is sick, who cooked for you?” I said without thinking:
“Or mom.” Do you know why your mother is ill and you need to cook for you?”
The teacher is a little excited, the tone is high. “Don’t know.” I said, “I’m low.”. “You
Gao know what!” Listening to my answer, the teacher is obviously some angry. “Your mother
Mom is afraid you go to school hungry, affect your learning. But you have failed her hope,
Often do not complete the work, you, you have a conscience?” The teacher got angry, and she turned on.
Red. Eyes even some wet, I first saw the teacher made such a big fire, but also
Feel too outrageous, didn’t dare to look at her, his head buried deep in the chest. Back
In the past, I can’t remember how many times I have not finished my homework, and more than once
The teacher’s harsh criticism, but I have never been self blame, but this time I feel from the bottom of my heart
To guilt. “Teacher, I was wrong!” Tears imperceptibly along the cheek rushing stream
The teacher rub their hands to the tears on my face, did not say anything, just put the box of yellow green balsam plug into my hand and hold it, I felt heavy..