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Shy brother

My brother Jiang Bo, people say: when he was voted the wrong tires. A round face, covered with one pair of almond eyes, small nose Below is a Yingtaoxiaokou and spoke with a soft-spoken, look just like a girl phase. But you look down again, it will certainly make you laugh: fat body support TV drama short neck. Little stomach bulging like a pot buckle, little ass too fat to go over the road to Yichanyichan. Has such a body has chosen his brother fell in love with dance, and ballet is beautiful.
You Do not laugh, he danced really good, also participated in the Festival it! Once he gave us his learned dance performances, I saw him kick one pair of fat legs, the body sometimes forward, sometimes backward, sometimes idling, all the people are full of praise for his dancing. The show was over, before and after his brother legs crossed, hands carry a skirt made of action in the side, knees slightly nodded salute Xie dance. This witty brother’s every move, amused everyone convulsed with laughter, laugh.
Brother not only face looks like a girl, love ballet, in life, play girl is his assiduous. One time we played every family, he had volunteered to be “mom.” At first I did not agree, why go to a dignified man loading a woman. But he tells me: “I have to become a mother, you let me know how I can not try it!”
Finally, my brother finally conquered me, got the right mother, he happily took a mother. Also not to mention, he really pretend to like something else – while pouring water, get together while cooking, while they shouted: “! Ye homework, learn well have a beating.”
This is my brother, a feminine little boy.