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Listen to inner voice

Listen to inner voice


Will hesitate is because we did not listen to inner voice, but were disrupted by people around voice your thoughts. In fact, we already had decided, but we are determined to do, fear, fear of the expectations, chosen the wrong fear of regret.


Some people will recommend to us that he had walked the streets, to serve as our guiding light. The enviable life maybe he is, but that doesn’t mean his path is also suitable for us, can we get the same thing. Everyone has a different way to go, even onthe same road, but also from different processes and results. He can recommend usas a reference, but it is not our only option.


Once in a lifetime, we are bound to choose a path that is best for you, instead of someone else‘s life. Maybe the path we have chosen is very difficult, but it is our dream. Others have no right to deny our dreams, have no right to stop us from chasing the dream. Maybe in the end we will fail as others expected, we also don’t need to regret not to listen to others ‘ advice and recommend, you only need to review everystep from reflection and summary, again to make a choice.


Regardless of success or failure, is that we have to face and endure, others to be a prophet, can do with hindsight, but others cannot replace our process and outcome is good or bad. We have to do is listen to the inner voice, do the things they want todo, try again for their own life, and my wonderful life. Life without too much hesitation and regret our time, selection of best practices to save time is to believe in yourself, and stick to their choice, spent more time trying to make your dreams cometrue.