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The beautiful park

Into the mind of Yangshao Park, leaving only one word: beauty.
The flower is beautiful. There is a flower, the top is pink, and more to the inside more pale, almost white flower at. Yellow flower, straight straight, like a flagpole, stands tall in the hearts of the people. Every flower, such as a small boat, raises the big sail, traveling in the distance, but do not know what the name of this flower.
The road is beautiful, the foot of the road next to the constant emergence of peach trees, ginkgo trees, cherry trees, and so let us do not know the name of the tree. Suddenly feel feet how is not very flat ah, originally I already from the cobblestone paved path towards a garden, this with cobblestone paved trail, in you travel, give you do foot massage, which is a pollution-free enjoy ah!
Some people are beautiful, people run in the morning enjoying the natural beauty of nature, they ran leisurely. See such a scene, I also sincerely aspire to, can not help but join the team in the morning run. Paozhaopaozhe, appeared in front of a “beautiful landscape”, on the side of the road of a square, dozens of wearing red clothes old aunt, holding the flower fan, smiling, waving waist, dancing in the breeze. They look very happy. Stop to watch the crowd, and some also for the move, “Wu”, it seems that they would also like to enter their territory”.