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I love my mother

Mother is a very ordinary rural women, although less than 40 years old, but the head has long been a trace of white hair. Because my father works in the town, home to ten acres of farmland will be the mother of the contract. Spring to autumn, all kinds of income, mother good hard! At home, mother to do the housework, wait a moment paralyzed Grandpa, restless. Sometimes I want to help my mother, but she always said: “to write homework, read a book to go!” life in the mother’s side, I feel the mother’s warmth and love all the time. In my heart, she is the most amiable and respectable person in the world.
One morning last summer, we have an exam on the playground. That day there is no trace of wind, fireball like sun baked people sweating and my forehead sun straight perm, the eye is sunlight thorn in the open, the body sweat bugs crawling. Do a few questions, really can not stand, I will take the paper as a fan to the wind. Well, it’s cool, comfortable.
“Li Lu!” the teacher cried, scared me out and make up the papers. “Li Lu, your mother gave you a hat. Your mom really cares about you, refuels! “Said the teacher put the straw hat in my hot fameng head.
My mum’s hat? I am busy looking toward the west side of the field (my field there) not far away, my mother was carrying a hoe walked toward the ground. Oh, mom must just pass by here, his wearing straw hat to me. My heart suddenly was tugging, feel ashamed and grateful. I saw my mother a bow to pull the hoe, saw a mother to a sweat, my throat like a stuffed a wad of cotton. Mom, for her daughter, you can work hard to work, you can rest assured that, mom, I will test a good score, you can repay your daughter’s love. Think of here, I also carefully start test.
“The world is only a good mother…” this is my favorite song, because a song, it will think of my mother’s care.
Last fall, the school organization to subscribe to the newspaper, I also told the teacher two copies of my favorite magazine: “golden boy” and “the students writing guide”, since the three grade, I have been in the order. But, this time I’m back home, I don’t dare to mention this thing. In fact, my mother is the most supportive of books to buy books, she often said: “when I was a child, the family is poor, can not afford to learn. It’s hard to know. Now the children go to school, I fully support, I just eat less and less wear a hard iron pot, also let them read.” However, this year, my home is too much debt? , my brother admitted to the normal, the cost of the fee paid on the yuan, the mother has stomach trouble, do not easily go to the hospital to see, I can give my mother again to increase the pressure, so I give up the idea of the magazine.
At the end of the day, life members sent a new magazine, I want to borrow a book at the same table will be, the teacher in charge of the teacher gave me two fine small magazine. My eyes a bright, ah, “red flower” and “the students writing guide”. I was wondering, the teacher said to me, “this is your mother, and she said that this is a new year’s gift to you.” “My mother? I was surprised and asked the teacher, “she said. Originally, the mother in the town hospital to see a doctor, meet the music teacher, music teacher mention I want to book magazine thing, mom, without any explanation, the doctor to use the money to the music teacher ten yuan, let he must give me order, also asked the first don’t tell me you give me a surprise.
I holding the full of motherly love magazine, think mother dragged emaciated Bingti day and night to toil, tears in my eyes straight Dazhuan son, I really think aloud to the students: “my mum is good! My mother the greatest!