Two little flower

A quiet night, Dad‘s a scolding Lu shocks in my ear, as the strike:what is the graduating class of people, jobs or to do so poorly,depending on how you test high school! Faster, put those books out andget. I reluctantly drawn from those mountains of books, a book madeup. In this way, I do do, until late at night … …
Second days morning, Zhang teacher put I called to Office, from drawer in took out a flower beautiful of small safflower, smiling to on I said: “fine Wen, today you progress has, job only do wrong two road problem, you to efforts learning Ah, and must to break careless of problem, look, this road problem is because careless……” teacher words like spring as moist with I of heart, makes I added has confidence, mood also suddenly good has many.
At night, I pulled out a teacher correcting homework for my father,Dad, teacher praised me today. I said smugly. Is it? Dad smiledand looked up my job. However, having read it, his face right awayfrom sunny to cloudy, frown and break you, I wobbled to: dad, why doyou scold me, am I not your own · · · · Thought I wanted to digthrough the hole, no longer hide yourself away.
Another day, sunny day, my heart like a sky so clear, because I waspraised by the teacher. Kindly said, well, qingwen, today, have made progress with your job, question is wrong, try again! “”Yes! I saidconfidently. With that, the teacher gave me a small red flower, I am pleased to take over small red flowers, think it prettier than anyreal flowers or incense, or. Before you know it, yakshas came, I’mperky and handed the book to the father. Dad looked, opened his mouth said happily: “good, really good, you to careless finally changed, lol……”
Daddy finally does not scold me, which is what makes me happy to lookat. But he did not know it was the teacher‘s credit.